I LOVE IT WHEN MY FRIENDS WRITE (Do you still despise us- by Daleel)

I forgot how much you meant to me

The feeling makes me wild

You’d despise the new me

What really happened to us

Thought I messed you up

But all I did was take you up

You deserve the best

I felt I came with it

But everything came to shit

It’s all when you stopped trusting me

Why did you do that??

I had everything worked out for us

You saw everything I did like a poison in your food

Made me think there’s no me and you

Because I’m not who you thought I was

Why did you say that??

Then another came and made you believe

I was just not good enough for you

Told you everything I said in new words

And you thought he was the realest

Why did you believe that??

Now we both lost you

You’ve lost us

Because there was no trust

Now we are free

You are free

Yet, I am scared

Do you still despise us?

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