You remember the day i told you i misjudged my cousin? (hilarious, i know😅😅😅) Oh yes mum, i forever regret doing that but to be honest she is not so different from what i thought initially. However, she is okay now, I mean getting to know and understand her has actually given me a chance to see that she is quite good. I had to put in context with the environment she was born into because without that, my first assumption stands. Well, mum i just want to say thank you for teaching to not judge a book by its cover. I forever stand by that and it has created peace for me in the most unthinkable situations. This is a fictional story just for this.

It was too late for me to be sorry for all the things i had sad about her. She didn’t have the slightest clue that I was the worst person she should waste her kindness on. She defeated me either ways because the guilt that built up in me was enough to make me regretting.

She wasn’t my best kind of person to be honest with you. She was pretty but not very smart for maintaining her privacy; i guess that’s what made me mad, that’s the only reason why i made up the idea in my head that i hate her. Mona would be around letting boys in and out of her; i wonder what it was that she got from it. She would act dumb, i mean i didn’t even know this was an act until i gave myself a chance to see things in a different way. She had the worst look ever to people who weren’t her friends; mean girl she definitely was.

“Hey, I just wanted to say i will be here if you need to talk. Do not mind those boys; they are never worth it love. Now have a lovely rest tonight and i will see you in school tomorrow…” Not even my best of friends had cared about what happened to me that very day. It was late in the evening and i had just arrived at our final year party. Very foolish of me that day to have tried to get all the attention i needed from my boyfriend. He didn’t like me very much; i guess i got the message after this incident. So, this was me trying to get my boyfriend to dance with me and he all of a sudden started acting like a dog that he is; “You need to stop making people do what they don’t want to do, in fact it’s over…” Wow, I never knew things ended that fast, i was rather very childish to have sat down right next to him and cry. I could see them laughing, all of them laughing and talking like i had just farted in public. I hated high school. I really did. They disgusted me and to my surprise only one girl, just one advised me to leave the hall. Has this been Mona all these while? Why did she seem so different?

This is the incident that made me and Mona best of friends till today. We would laugh about our days of ignorance and cry about our days of meanness. No one could break our bond because somehow “understanding” (which is made up of “communication” and “respect”) is stronger than your greatest imagination. Isn’t that why we seek knowledge? To have the power to understand?

All i can wonder is what if it was too late before i gave understanding Mona a chance? A lot of us have made that mistake of giving a book its characteristics just by its first few pages. There is so much to learn and we can’t always make conclusions without knowing the full story. We do not want to make the mistake of putting away the people that will actually fight for us just because of what they wear or what we hear about them. Let’s all learn to have first and second impressions and to make sure that the second is just not based on assumptions. This write up is specifically to a friend of mine, a smart beautiful friend of mine; one that i misjudged. I’m sorry and I hope you do understand.
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