“Here we go again; everyone write their own special pieces about how much they miss you and how much you meant to them. All i have done for a year really is cry and cry (silently, loudly, without tears… name it all, I’ve cried in every way i could possible ever think of) and I’ve prayed over and over again and I shall never stop praying. Your quote: “What’s worth doing is worth doing well” has been my breakfast for 365 days and in other to show that i miss you, I've chosen to write stories to you. This is not because i want you to read them for i know i may never speak to you again but it is so i can reflect on the times we’ve had and how they’ve impacted my lives. That’s all we’ve got really mum. That’s all i have; it’s the least i can do and we all know the most is to never forget to pray to our Lord for both you and I and of course for everyone else you cared for when you were still breathing.”

How has it been like really? One year without you. It’s been hilariously disorganized. I will start by telling you the issue we had with management of food. I’ve always known that your food tastes the best to me but i didn’t know your talent went as far as keeping budgets intact and reasonable. It took three heads to continue what you’ve been up with. In fact mum, it caused a huge division but as always God got our back, He brought back that bond (made sure the band doesn’t exceed its elastic limit). To be honest, one of the cubs you taught to cook learnt a lot from you and so i managed with her meals. She tried and that didn’t make me think so much of you to the extent that i had to cry everyday i spent at our house in the north.

“That’s not the best way to start a letter…”, I’m sure that’s what you will be saying if you had actually read this. It is clear i am breaking the rules because that’s how i got your attention best back in the days (sounds like its been forever since i saw you last). Well, let’s get back to the main aim of this letter. I was going to go about how it’s been without you for a year but then again, i don’t even know what to say. I’m blank as everyday for the past 365 days.

So, how about i stop this letter here and i will continue to tell you how it goes from time to time. Our own story mum, it’s never too early to make a story. A story about a woman i was still getting to know but already blew my mind away by the short term i knew her. A mother to millions and a sister to all. A best friend to one, maybe more, I do not know. A story to captivate the world and to produce many like you. A story to inspire the thousands of people that didn’t get the opportunity to meet you.

Rest in peace… I love you…

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