Bathroom ideas: Get that perfect Shower room for your bathroom.

Have you been planning to renovate your master bathroom to make room for that perfect shower case? If yes, this article will take you to a whole new range of design ideas to help you build that beautiful shower space you have always wanted.

(1) An elegant shower case with an in-built tub


If you have a lot of space in your bathroom, you can definitely take some inspiration from this exquisite design of a shower room. The design scheme reflects a combination of luxury and sheer elegance. This is a perfect bathroom built from vinyl tiles on the floors and the walls. Placing the tub under the shower is actually a great idea if you want to take a lazy bubble bath and rinse off right under the shower.

(2) A shower case with a blue brick wall design


This is a very interesting shower room design with a slanting side roof which opens up to a window. The area receives a good share of natural light from the window which renders a bright look to this space. I love the choice of blue brick wall design and its neat finish. Again, this is a great idea to try out if your home has a well spread-out bathroom area.

(3) A cozy bathroom enclosure


I love the cozy design of this lavish shower room. The light coloured tiles, the sleek glass casing and the soft beam from the small lights on the ceiling make it a dream bathroom enclosure.

(4) Add a touch of nature to your shower


If you want to experiment with a stone interior design, this is just the thing you might want to try. This shower room with a charcoal stone veneer interiors almost resembles an isolated cave. The water from the shower panels fixed on the ceiling makes you feel as though you are right under a waterfall. In fact, this is a lovely way to add a touch of nature in your bathroom.

Here’s another idea of a shower space with simple stone interiors and a rustic ambience. The choice of bathroom fittings in this setting is quite eye-catching and adds a stylish touch to this bathroom.


(5) The classic Black & White look


This shower room is a reassertion of the fact that you can never go wrong with the classic combination of black and white. In fact, the idea used here is actually pretty simple. The designer has opted for a white tile wall with a black glass frame casing to get this timeless look.

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