Light it up — Simple tricks to create that perfect light scheme

Most of the contemporary houses have an impeccable interior design scheme going for them. Be it the perfect colour scheme, the wall design, an embellished false ceiling or a handpicked collection of murals and interior décor items, we invest a lot of time and effort to get that flawless look for our homes. But what about the choice of a flattering lighting scheme for your house? If you’ve got the right kind of lights in place, it can add to the charm of your interiors and enhance the appeal of your beautiful house.

Today, when you look around for different lighting styles, you are most likely going to come across thousands of ideas. But how many of them are actually doable? In this article, I bring you a hands-on selection of unique lighting schemes that will surely accentuate the look of your interiors.

(1) That perfectly cozy nook


If your living room has a dull impression about it and lacks that quintessential element of warmth, this is one simple trick that can help you fix that problem. Just put together an arrangement of soft yellow light emitting mini-bulbs, which can be held together by a decorative set of strings or golden chains that is easily available at your local store. Now, observe the quick transition of your ordinary room into that perfectly cozy nook.

(2) The magic of pattern lights


This stunning bedroom is a great example of how a pattern of light can be used to add a hint of luster to a minimal design style bedroom. The best part about this layout is the clutter free appearance of the bedroom. This pattern light scheme creates an additional layer over the simple texture of this room. The hanging white light illuminates the space with its pattern lights that blend pleasantly with the mild yellow lights of the lamps hades on each side of the bed.

Here’s another brilliant idea about placing a pattern light in your living room to render a cozy ambience.


(3) Light up the stairway to heaven!


If you have a spiral staircase in your house, this lighting style is just apt for you. Hang up a long, vertically arranged set of decorative light fixtures that covers the entire length of the staircase. This sort of a light scheme is sure to shoot up the elegant quotient of your fancy staircase.

(4) A glam dressing table


This chic dressing table has an amazing light scheme that will surely appeal to the ladies. Most of the times, we don’t pay enough attention to the kind of lights that go well with the dressing table area and end up with a poorly lit space which ultimately fails to be meet its functional purpose. This dressing table is the ultimate answer to all such complaints. I love the idea of setting up small light bulb fittings right on top of the mirror frame. This is an absolutely smart trick to try at your own home!

(5) Light up your lawn party!


If you are planning that long due outdoor party in the evening, look no further. This is a picture-perfect light scheme to pick up some inspirational ideas for your own lawn party. A lot of creativity has gone in to put up this striking display of lights with the use of simple and daily life items for doing up the decoration. Just get hold of some small yellow light bulbs, old glass jars, bottles, and let your imagination guide the way.

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