Living room ideas to create that lasting impression

The living room area is undoubtedly that spot of the house which is always bustling with life and energy. It is just the place, where the whole family gathers for those coffee table conversations to spend some quality time together. As such, it is ideal to have a living room that is planned with a great degree of focus on its space and design scheme. Whether you want a casual and free flowing comfortable space or an elegant living room which leaves a lasting impression on your guests, it is all about choosing that perfect combination of interior decor and fittings.

Here, you will find an assortment of fabulous ideas to inspire you to create that classic living room for your house.

(1) Experimenting with a grey and white colour combination


This living room reflects an aura of great sangfroid and comfort. It is interesting to see the magnificent experimentation with the grey and white colour scheme, without casting a dull shadow over the space. The big white lamp hanging from the ceiling looks quite spectacular in this layout and goes really well with the comfortable grey sofa and white walls. I love the subtle hues of the Teal colour which brings about a contrast in this space.

Here’s another living room design which follows a similar style of experimenting with a grey and white colour scheme. The blue cabinet and light coloured cushions render a sublime contrast to this space.


(2) A reader’s living room


Are you a big time reader? If so, this living room will definitely win your heart. This is a fine example of creating a beautiful living room with huge sized book shelves, a cozy fireplace and a handpicked collection of vintage décor items. Besides having a vast storage space, the velvet sofa in the centre and the sofa bed by the fireside make this the best place for lounging.

Tip: Hike up the comfort factor in your spacious living room by opting for a big couch and a bunch of cushions like this.


(3) A living room with a Sage Green and Cream colour scheme


This contemporary green living room look is quite pleasing to the eye and can be easily tried out at your own house without much of a hassle. The sage green wall, the cream coloured sofa set and the soft yellow light from the terracotta lamps add a dash of coziness in the ambience of this room. Another fine addition to this layout is the fuzzy white rug placed in the centre of the room.

(4) A living room with a dark wood theme


The design scheme of this living room has a very classy presence of dark wood which has been beautifully incorporated in the furniture and other fittings. I like the neat finish of the black centre table and cabinet below the television screen. In fact, the dark wood furniture has a very nice sheen which accentuates the overall look of this space. Another incredible feature here is the multi-coloured brick wall with the fireplace, which blends perfectly with the cream colour sofa set and walls.

(5) A living room with a bloomy mood


The first thing you will notice about this stunning living room is its bloomy appearance. This blue and white design scheme creates a soothing ambience with a very sublime essence of a vintage era. A hint of gold in the white lampshade, small side table and the large picture frame render an extraordinary touch to this living room. I also love the use of the purple pattern carpet and the impeccable choice of wall paper that definitely enhance the beauty of this lively living room.

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