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Nefty Ballers
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How to Create a WAX Wallet

Getting Started on Nefty Ballers

Making a Team Deck

Match Making

Player Stats

Use of Accessories

Team Deck Combinations

Game Mechanics

Game Modes

Courts (Land)



Nefty Ballers is a sports game that combines blockchain mechanics with web-based gameplay. The game will initially use a simple three-dimensional display built on Unity for the WAX blockchain. Nefty Ballers will deliver various forms of Nefty Ballers branded experiences over time centered around limited-edition non-fungible tokens (NFTs) sports based: Collection and Game Play.

The core game revolves around collecting NFTs that have utility in web-based gameplay.

In this guide we will aim to explain how to start and an overall picture of the Nefty Baller project.

How to Create a WAX Wallet

The following guide shows how simple it is to create a WAX Blockchain Account to interact with the WAX Blockchain. All newly-created WAX Blockchain Accounts come with two auto-staked WAX Tokens and some RAM which allows you to create a free account.

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Getting Started on Nefty Ballers

For a comprehensive view of the Nefty Baller project, head over to our website ( to read further about our Roadmap, Whitepaper, Collection, Pack Drops and Gameplay.

Making a Team Deck

You will need at least five (5) Nefty Baller Player Cards in your WAX wallet to participate in a game.

New users will create a new team that is represented by a name and a logo. Here is how you set up your team as a new player:
• Connect your WAX wallet to TBA (web-base game platform)
• Choose your unique display team name (up to 19 characters).
• Choose a logo to visually represent your identity.
A default logo is assigned to all new players during this step in the signup process. As with all logos, this logo is non-transferrable, so each account will only hold one.

The Nefty Ballers game will open a screen (similar to below) in game, where the user has the ability to select five (5) Nefty Ballers NFT Player Cards. These five (5) cards will be your player cards for gameplay.

Users must select their best five (5) cards they feel for the team deck ranking they want to achieve before the match making process begins.

The Nefty Ballers game will then open a screen (similar to below) in game, where the user has the ability to select five (5) Nefty Ballers NFT Accessory Cards. These five (5) accessory cards will be your stat boost cards for gameplay.

Users must select their five (5) accessory cards they feel best for the team deck ranking they want to achieve before the match making process begins. All five (5) accessory cards & all five (5) player cards stat points are added together to get the users team deck rating.

The overall stat points for team deck ratings are shown below. It will be up to users to decide what cards they wish to use to play in what team ranking games.

Match Making

To keep the competition fair, there will be player matchmaking on a user’s team deck attributes (stats). As each player card & accessory card has a certain amount of integer (number) applied to each attribute, total points (stats) will be measured before a game matchup is created.

Player Stats

The below tables represent the player stats for each attribute and each NFT card rarity.

Angel — One tough street ballers from MacGregor Park, Houston, Texas, USA!

Ansel dela Cruz — A sharp shooter from The Tenement in Manila, Philippines!

Baxter Redwood — When he isn’t playing big man at David Crombie Court, he works the local comedy scene!

Beefy Bohdy — The strong man from Payton’s Playground in Oakland, California!

Big Head Ted — Famous for an off the wall dunk at the Pigalle Outdoor Court in Paris!

Blaze — An all rounder from the 3D basketball court in Munich, Germany!

Candice — A super fast roller baller from the glow in the dark court of Germany!

Charlotte — ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ from Wallace World, North Philadelphia!

Chen — Resides from the world’s first full-sized LED basketball court in Shanghai China!

Covid Clint — Survived Covid-19 and now balls out at the Centre Market Place in New York City!

Dakota — A fiery customer from Angels Gate Park in San Pedro, California!

Deshawn Jackson — Picking up games at The David Crombie Court — Toronto, Canada!

Dikembe Green — A 3pt genius from the floating basketball court of Lake Tonle Sap in Cambodia!

Jurgen — A very tough baller from the glow in the dark court of Germany!

Keondra — A defensive juggernaut from Payton’s Playground in Oakland, California!

Kid Jones — The youngest Nefty Baller who made it with her unbelievable speed and 3pt shot!

La Vonn Davis — The small one from Las Vegas burns through a pair of sneakers every game!

Marko Horvat — Hails from the City Wall Rooftop Court — Dubrovnik, Croatia!

Rampaging Roxy — The fastest baller that Venice Beach has ever seen!

Rayne — A street ‘fighter’ from The Wall in Kalemegdan, Serbia!

Rusty Doyle — This Irish born blocking machine has also mastered the put back in The Cage at Greenwich!

Slim Tim — A Greenwich Village baller who protects the rim like no other! Some people call him and Rusty ‘The Block Brothers’!

Tailored Trent — Wins best dressed every year at the Nefty Ballers MVP awards night!

The Original — Straight from Harlem and is a prolific baller at Rucker Park!

The Rasta Man — A very chilled baller from The Church of Epiphany, Chicago!

Use of Accessories

Each Accessory Card has the following attributes:
- Name: name of the card
- Type: shoes, jerseys, headbands, wristbands, or hats
- Description: brief description of the card
- Grade: rarity levels of the cards are grouped as; Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary

Accessory rarity helps boost your player card in game. One (1) accessory card plays under one (1) player card and only boosts the card above it on the playing mate.
- Common = +1 to overall stats
- Uncommon = +2 to overall stats
- Rare = +3 to overall stats
- Epic = +4 to overall stats
- Legendary = +5 to overall stats

Types of accessory card and the boost they provide:

Team Deck Combinations

Each and every user will have to formulate their best team deck possible for each class of game they play, see Making a Team Deck for classes. There is no secret recipe here as each user can use whatever player cards they like here and what ever accessories they feel they want to boost certain stats. This aspect of the game makes Nefty Ballers unique, there is so many possible outcomes of team combinations it will be up to each users trial and error or experimentation to find the optimum team and in game strategy they use. Read the Game Mechanics section to help you consider what strategy you may employ!

Game Mechanics

Below is the basics of gameplay that all users should know and understand before beginning a Nefty Ballers game.

The game will allocate one user as player 1 and the other user as player 2.
The game will display their user name and logo, instead of player 1 and player 2 tags.
The game will apply accessory cards stat points to the NFT Player Card directly above it on the mat.

A dice is rolled for each player, the highest number wins the ball up and begins the offense

Step 1 — The game will now choose a random event for the offensive team — shot, 3pts or steal (with an 80% chance of a shot, 10% chance of 3pts and a 10% chance of a steal)

Step 2 — If steal is chosen, the other team gets the ball and begins their offense.

Step 3 — If shot is chosen, the user (offense) will select their first NFT Player Card from their deck to play. It will add up the abilities of shot and speed of the card. The other user (defense) will now select their first NFT Player Card and the game will add up the steal and block abilities of that card. If the offensive players total card ability is higher than the defensive players total card ability, then the offense player scores 2 points. Once this action has occurred the defensive player now gets the ball and becomes the offensive player. The game will now go back to Step 1.

Step 4 — If 3pts is chosen, the user (offense) will choose NFT Player Card they wish to play for a 3pt shot. The other user (defense) will select their NFT Player Card and the game will look at the block ability. If the offensive players 3pt card ability is higher than the defensive players block card ability, then the offense player scores 3 points. Once this action has occurred the defensive player now gets the ball and becomes the offensive player. The game will now go back to Step 1.

The game will display the above resulted actions in the middle of the mat in a play-by-play notification.

Game play is ever evolving so these game rules and actions may vary over time as the game is further developed.

Game Modes

PvE — Player versus Computer
PvP — Player versus Player
Tournament — 16 or 32 Player versus Player tournament style, winner & second get prizes.

Payment Per Game Mode
PvE — free to play
PvP — minimum $2USD play (paid in WAXp)
Tournament — minimum $5USD entry (paid in WAXp)

Courts (Land)

Before the full rollout of the game, there will be a land sale for all game courts. Game courts will be a key feature of the Nefty Ballers ecosystem as there is game fees taken for every game played which go towards the standard court landowners and the tournament court landowners. Fees for gameplay and percentages held for owners and developers are stipulated in the gameplay section below.

Court Owner Collection Fees:
- Urban Court 5% of total game pool
- College Court 7% of total game pool
- Tournament Court 9% of total tournament pool

As a landowner, you will have the ability to drive traffic to your court by your own court promotions. Users when starting a game, will be able to select what court they wish to play on.

As a landowner you will also be able to advertise on your court. Landowners can form agreements outside of Nefty Ballers and choose to place an advertisement box on their court art. Whether this is a collaboration or a personal payment for advertising rights, it is up to the landowner to decide.

Nefty Ballers will adjust the art to suit the landowners request. The landowner will provide the advertisement they wish to be displayed on their court. Nefty Ballers will reserve the right to block an advertisement that may be considered offensive or a conflict of interest.

Courts are still in discussion with our game development team, so the below examples may not be a finalised product.

Some court examples:

The Adriatic Arena

Clyde’s Court

Durant’s Domain

Mosswood Park

Rucker Park

The French Connection



Nefty Ballers

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