The New Age

Universe has entered the age of Aquarius for another 2100 years .” The Old Order Changeth To Give place to New”… A time for a new Consciousness !!

It is said that the universe has stepped into the age of Aquarius. The Mayans predicted the end of a great cycle on Dec 2012. This was actually the end of one cosmic age and the beginning of another cosmic age.

2012 , it is believed, marked the end of the age of Pisces and heralded the start of the age of the Aquarius.

The beginning and ending of any cosmic age is marked by gigantic magnetic shifts and realignment of all cosmic bodies at micro and macro levels. Thereby causing turbulence and turmoil.

This results in the change of consciousness in the universe. It is as if a new world of new consciousness is born. And this can be seen in a radical change in human consciousness too.

The shift does not happen overnight. It takes years for the changes to be visible.

But now everything is moving fast. And it can be felt and seen now.

Scientists are constantly finding new data . Magnetic shifts and realignments are visible. There is a new consciousness in the art and science world. Creative people are high strung and intuitive. Hence, they are the ones impacted first. Neyrografika is also a new consciousness. Socionomics, Fibbonacci as the Invisible Law of Nature, all this is a new consciousness. A new awareness.

A kind of marriage of intuitive and logical energies is taking place in the consciousness of the universe. And mankind is a part of it .

Age of Aquarius is supposed to be the age of Awakening. And the age which marks the rise of the Feminine powers !!!

Predictably this may be viewed as a gender battle for supremacy. But this is not true. It is not about the outer physical frame of “breast” or “dick”. It is not as though the “female” will rise to power and supremacy. Or grow a “dick” !

No this is not how the age of Aquarius and the rise of feminine power should be interpreted !!

The whole process is much more deep and profound.

What are the feminine and masculine energies ?

Feminine energies are intuition, compassion, nurturing, control through coercion , love etc.

Masculine energies are brute force , physical strength, cold logic, ego, conquest, control through force etc.

All men and women possess both, masculine and feminine energies.

It is my interpretation that in the Age of Aquarius, the feminine energies are the guiding light. And also, the feminine energies are the salvation of a degenerating world .

Hence it is the call of the Age of Aquarius, to align the universe to its feminine energies.

And it is true and can be seen everywhere.

The compassionate and intuitive male is successful. The brute and oppressive male is being pushed into a corner. The female is resisting oppression. And at the same time respecting her role as a nurturer.

It is time for men ( males) to unlock their feminine energy and respect it for what it is.

It is time for the females to understand their feminine strength and use it to empower their world.

The element of the Age of Aquarius is air. Air is mental energy. Hence Age of Aquarius is also the age of learning, studying and logical deductions.

Hence , in a nutshell, the new age is about intuitive & emotional logic and factual rationalisation.

No time or space for brute force, dictatorship, oppression, or irrational emotions….

Time for balance. A better world after all !!! Pinned optimism :-)

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