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Adidas AG is a German multinational corporation that designs and manufactures sports shoes, clothing, accessories and wearable. We as a UX designer’s are designing an IOS and Apple Watch fitness App for Adidas. It is a fitness app specializing in guiding and educating users in High Intensive Interval Training (HIIT) workouts.

The thought process started when our team of three was discussing about ways of staying healthy. What do people do to stay healthy? We started brainstorming and came up with several ways like they eat healthy, exercise, meditate, drink lots of water, take multi vitamins etc. But the most common was exercise. That is the reason we have so many fitness apps and wearable in market today. There are many different types of exercises and HIIT Implementing HIIT (High Intensive Interval Training App) is one of them. There are several benefits of HIIT like –

a) Time efficient- shorter workout leaves more time for other obligation.

b) Speeds up metabolism

c) Improves health, builds lean muscles, burns fats and improves endurance.

d) Reverse progression of certain chronic diseases like type 2 diabetes.

e) Incorporating heart rate monitoring can work wonders for HIIT training.


We started doing research of our competitors by doing competitive & comparative analysis then feature analysis to understand the work and flow of their product. Here is the list below :

1) NIKE + training club:

As one of the leading company in sports products our most important competitor is NIKE. NIKE has a many sports and fitness IOS app but we were interested in NIKE + training club app which focused on exercising and workout. It provides workouts designed by Nike Athletes and Trainers, weekly featured workouts, personalized training plans that adapts to users and post-workout sharing.

2) NIKE + Fuel:

This application is designed to maintain a workout goal. It is connected to Nike Fuel band, which captures live data and saves directly to Nike+ profile. It captures users progress on mobile device, which motivates users to get moving. It also has a social element where you can compete with your friends and family. Thing missing in this app is it cannot show heart rate monitoring while working out.


Keelo is high intensity work out app. It has list of instructional videos, it measures the users performance as it is connected to Apple watch. But it doesn’t focus on heart rate monitoring which is important for HIIT workout.

4) Daily Burn:

In this application users are provide list of workout videos they can select from. When users start the video there is audio instructions while working out to motivate users all time.

5) Seven:

This application is very simple and easy to use. It gives users list of 7 minutes workout. The really good feature in this app is it educated users to learn how a particular exercise is done step by step and also with the help of animated clip. If connect t to the IOS health app it monitors data.


To narrow down our focus to our target audience we decided to conduct a survey and ask close-ended questions like, if they have any fitness goals, any fitness app or fitness wearable they use to meet the goal, if they know anything about HIIT.

The questions we asked in survey were-

What are your fitness goals?

88.9% people said to stay fit and healthy

37% people said loose weight followed by gain muscles.

How often do you work out?

Majority people work out 2–3 days a week.

Do you use any fitness app?

51.9% people said no& 48.1% said yes.

Do you use any fitness wearables?

59.3% people said no & 40.7% said yes.

Do you monitor your workout?

40% no and 59% yes.

What do you monitor while working out?

Time- 69%


Heart Rate- 30%

Instruction- 23%

How to you accept fitness assistance?

40% people said through videos followed by apps and personal trainer.

User Research — Interview

Our team decided to interview people who took our survey to understand in more detail their fitness goals, their behavior and measures they are taking to stay healthy and what do they know about HIIT.

What people said –?

Ø Very few people knew about HIIT & had tried it.

Ø Don’t get time to workout in busy schedule.

Ø I spend more time in searching for right video then working out.

Ø Providing audio instructions keeps me motivated

Ø I don’t like touching things while working out.

Ø Doing same kind of exercises becomes boring.

Ø Sometimes suffer from body ache for days after doing certain exercises.

Ø Want to see effective way of workout progress.

Considering the feedback, which we got from user interview, we started synthesis it under Like, Dislike, Quotes and Others. The reason to synthesis is to find out a pattern focusing on solving users problems.


Julia, age 25 year

Height 5’6”

Weight 120 pounds



Julia is a Developer and she has a very demanding job. Because of her hectic routine she does not get much time to workout.

Her work is mostly to sit and code or talk on phone & attend meetings. This has made her go out of shape. Julia knows about HIIT (High Intensive interval training) but has never tried it. She has tried working out by watching workout videos, but she thinks they are time consuming and are not well guided.

Pain Points:

Time Constraints.


ØQuick and effective way of workout.

ØNeeds a proper guidance while working out.

Scenario & Task:

Julia is tired after a hectic day but she wants to make time for her workout.

Julia wants to go on a date and she needs a quick way of getting in shape.

Ryan, age 33 year

Height 6’1”


Weight 180 pounds

Marketing &Sales

Ryan is in Marketing & Sales Director and his job is to impress clients with good marketing strategies and being presentable. Ryan is a very organized man and uses his Apple Watch to stay organized. He has been doing HIIT workouts for a long time and is trying to achieve the level of expertise. Because of the time constraint he is not able to make it everyday to HIIT session at his gym and is not able to achieve level of expertise.

Pain Points:

Cannot check live monitoring of progress while working out.


Need a way to track and monitor workout progress and check heart rate while working out.

Recommendation to go step by step ahead in HIIT to achieve perfection.Scenario & Task:

Ryan wants to increase his workout intensity and he wants a way to check his heart rate while doing it.

Ryan is working out and he needs a way to keep track of his workout progress.


After finding a pattern we came up with few features, which can solve users problems:

Ø Implementing HIIT (High Intensive Interval Training App) for Beginners to avoid over training.

Ø Educate and guide users in their pace.

Ø Focus on live heart rate monitoring to avoid dehydration and risk of dizziness.

Ø Create customize workout routine.

Ø Combatable with Apple watch.

App Map & Apple Watch App Map:



Apple watch App map

Low fidelity Wire framing and prototype:

After creating an app map for mobile and apple watch we started sketching out the wireframes based on the tasks we created. Below are the tasks

Julia’s task:

Create a HIIT Beginners Profile

Find recommended beginners workout routine.

Find a specific exercise and check how it is performed.

Add that exercise to the custom routine.

Start a workout routine.

Ryan’s Task:

Create a customize workout routine.

Check your heart rate monitoring while working out.

Check your workout progress.­

After creating the wireframes and prototype we tested it on the actual users.

There were many problems in our first iteration. Users where not give proper instruction about what creating an account. Adding an exercise to a routine was not clear to them. Few terminology like intervals and warm and cool down where not clear to the few users.

Mid fidelity wire framing and prototype:

Based on the users reactions and feed back we started making changes to our wireframes and created a prototype. This iteration we added content because of which users where able to understand and complete few of the tasks as they read through the task — like creating a profile, checking the list of exercises, check progress data, playing recommended workouts on the apple watch and check data.

We still had to work on the create custom routines page as users were facing problem in creating one.

High Fidelity wire framing and prototype:

Considering the Adidas branding we started with creating a mood board. This helped us in creating a style guide to bring brand consistence. We went back and worked on the create customize routines page.

Users where facing problems in understanding certain interaction like adding in the intervals and time. Hence we change it into a simple design having plus and minus icons to add and subtract the time and interval. In our mid fi iteration we had a single page of creating a custom routine, which we divided into steps of multiple pages and adding in content explaining users what they have to do next.

After a form of created routines has been filled , a page of review routine is provided to let users go through it and review before saving it.

Below is the prototype of High Fidelity prototype.


Apple watch:

Next step:

After discussing and showing the prototype with our stakeholders few things we have to work on is

Make the on-boarding flow more clear.

Think if the user’s can use the app without creating an account.

Few visual design changes and test the high fidelity wireframes and make changes to it.