If Only there was some Honesty Lit !

Lets start with a short true story from the time of Imam Ali (a.s). This will bring some light for everyone who reads , and also help me in seeking to write , right!

Maula Ali (a.s) help me in taking the right step.
Imam Ali (A.S) And The Candle
A candle burnt by his (Imam Ali a.s) side, as he sat down meticulously recording all the revenue and the expenses of the treasury.
Just then Talha and Zubair appeared.
They aspired to some positions of authority in Imam Ali's (A.S.) rule and had come to strike a deal. If Imam Ali's (A.S.) gave them a place of distinction, they would in turn pledge their full support. Imam Ali's (A.S.) knew of this.
Just as they sat down, Imam Ali's (A.S.) puts out the candle and lit another one.
Talha and Zubair exchanged a glance of surprise and then one of them said:
"O Ali, we have come on some important business. But why did you extinguish the first candle?"
Imam Ali's (A.S.) replied: "That was a candle bought of Treasury funds. As long as I worked for the Treasury, I used it. Now you have come for some personal work, so I use the candle bought of my personal fund."
Talha and Zubair left him without saying another word.

Every waqia (meaning incident ) from Maula Ali’s life is inspiring and teaches us how to live life with simplicity and honesty. The above is one such pearl from the immense sea of knowledge that Imam Ali (a.s) presented to the world. While I am framing this, I am somewhere struggling to find this beauty in the world surrounded by me.

Why can’t people be honest? For real people, who are made of substance ; honesty is something they will stay attracted to for eons. You lose me the moment you Lie. Why is transparency not respected or rather accepted anymore?

Once a lover chose to be honest about his feelings and he was abandoned by his partner in the most disgusting way he wouldn’t have imagined of. The fault here again was to say something harsh but real at the same time. The lover again saw two faces that were extremes that a given personality can actually have.

People cannot deal with honesty and then they quote of being miffed or lied to. One needs to have a big heart to accept someone’s reality or at least listen, digest it and act maturely. I haven’t been able to see that in a while now and my search is still hopeful because I am more a person of faith in a world where patience is rare.

Once a person chose to be honest and withdraw from the job he was not really happy practicing. Lets name this person X. Mr. X told his employer that he was not really liking the work and wanted to discontinue. The response was a little cruel I’d say. Mr. X was taken for granted and not allowed to leave unless he paid the amount for it in money or kind.

Maybe this world empathizes more with liars than with those people who are brave enough to show you reality. Liars are thus getting their way ahead and even support while the honest ones struggle with their passions. While we crib of the injustice that has existed since ages in the name of caste, religion or cultures, we fail to value those who are genuine and applaud for the liars.

Once it happened so that a very simple man with basic needs and income met with some major life crisis. He went in the court of the priest he believed in ardently, to address his problem and find a way out. Firstly he was not allowed to enter the court by the middle men unless he gave some kind of bribe or the other way out was to take rounds of the court for baseless formalities to meet his Priest. By the end of this futile exercise he met disappointment.Yet another problem of the society on his way to solve his own . What he achieved out of this is the strength and faith to fight his struggles on his own.

I have known stories where people are misled and lied in the name of Almighty time and again to spread violence and insensitivity. There have been incidents reported about false priests changing the meaning of the holy books to suit their requirement and evil doings. Where are we heading? People who do the least wrong are taught to fear and the ones that have a lifestyle built around evil are given the confidence and promised a place in heaven.

I believe in the power of Almighty and the positive that is eventually going to overpower the negative. Hence the fear of being judged or even misinterpreted withers away soon if not immediately. 
If you are with me as I write this, be it amongst the honest ones or the liars I talk about, yes everyone of you, please realise that you make it right here in this world and the one that follows.

PS : There is a feeling of being blessed to be brought up in a household where parents and grand parents molded me with some simple yet great lessons from the life of Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) , Imam Ali (a.s) and their family. I grew up saying Ya Ali Madad . We recite this whenever we need help or guidance or when we seek light in amidst of complete darkness.