Muslim against Islam — Since 40 Hijri (661 AD)

Anyone who wishes to read and understand what I am about to put forth, firstly needs to know the meaning of the words before understanding the title. It is a very basic thing we are taught from childhood, to understand and infer. 
Islam meaning submission to Allah’s will. ( The religion of Islam was brought to us by Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.w )

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A Muslim means a person who submits to Allah and most of the Muslims firmly believe that Prophet Muhammad is the last Messenger of God.
The Hijri year or Era is the one used in the Islamic lunar calendar. It begins from 622 AD, the year of the migration of Muhammad and his followers from Mecca to Medina.

A little peek into the history…

On 19th Ramadan, 40 Hijri , Imam Ali was attacked in the Masjid of Kufa by Abd-al-Rahman ibn Muljam.

Imam Ali Maula was in the state of prostration when Ibn Muljim assasinated him. This was by far the most cruel and brutal crimes in the history of Islam.
So the guy who killed Imam Ali called himself a Muslim because he said he believed in Allah, Prophet Muhammad and his teachings. My question is will you believe him?

Imam Ali was appointed by the Prophet as a guide for his believers after his demise. But a few inhuman people who wanted to mislead and wanted to rule this community decided to go ahead and kill him. Imam Ali’s son Imam Hussain (a.s) was killed by Yazid for the same reason. Yazid and the like had become tyrannical and self proclaimed caliphs and all they wanted was power. My question is will you still call them Muslims?

The reason why I elaborated so much to get to the definition of a Muslim was to make one understand that submission to Allah is a different thing and killing innocent lives just because they cannot recite a chapter from Quran is completely another. We cannot see Islam with the help of Blindly guided devastators.

There have been people who wanted to spread hatred and fear in the name of Islam right from the time it was propagated. For me, they have never been successful and will never be. Be it the attack in Dhaka, be it the Iraq bomb blasts or the recent blasts in Medina ; whenever innocent lives are lost it is painful for every human being.

But when there are blood sucking evils in the garb of humans, they will give their dirty agenda the name of Islam because they don’t have anything else worth the attention. Because let’s accept it, anything with religion painted on it is a good way to attract masses. Religion has followers and how else would you seek them if not entwine in the same sphere (a rather vast one)

It pains my heart when I see Muslims and other respected religion followers fighting over social media posts and news that is all over already. And that too when some of them have half the knowledge of things. They rarely check for facts. 
The wrong doers are achieving their goals by making the entire world against Islam and its true followers.

I want to request each and every non-Muslim fellow human being of mine that please stand with us in fighting those devil headed creatures, and not against us. They are killing our people, its not your people or my people, it has never been. Please realize this.

Those misleading jerks are slurping on innocent blood and instead providing fodder for more dirty political games everywhere. Politics again is an easy to target space.

As a Muslim, I feel sad to hear about people being killed and bombs being blasted in the name of Islam more so during the end of our Holy Month, around the corner of celebration- Eid. I don’t feel like celebrating Eid. There are so called jihadis who are celebrating mass killings and everyone is believing them to be Muslims?

I do believe and pray that we unite and teach those evil perpetrators a lesson.
And I urge everyone ,do not draw them synonymous to the true followers of Islam.

I’d like to end it with this quote by Imam Ali (a.s) :
I am making a connection which no one has made before me: Islam is submission, and submission is certainty, and certainty is the affirmation of the truth, and affirmation of the truth is acknowledgement, and acknowledgement is performance of what is obligatory, and performance of what is obligatory is appropriate action.

I am grateful to Riddhi Jhadhav for editing this piece and to Riddhi Gandhi for proof reading the above for me :)

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