How to get away with murder ?

Have any of you guys tuned into the hit TV shot How To Get Away for Murder starring Viola Davis playing the “Insane” lawyer Analise who seems to know exactly what she’s doing, but as the show go along they show she is just thinking on her feet. It’s actually my favorite television series on tv at the moment. It turns out she’s not only a defense attorney that represents the “Bad guys” , but she’s also a college professor trying to save some students she took on as interns for the murder of her husband who she just so happened to be having an affair on…

As if the first season wasn’t full of enough sex, betrayal, mystery, and death. Season one kept me on my toes and at the edge of my couch.

I had no choice but to continue and watch season 2 which lead to more death, violence, betrayal as Annalise continues to try to cover up lie after lie. All along there’s small acts of karma and they’re showing us no bad deed goes unpunished….the season left me with question

  1. Is Annalise Wes’ mom?
  2. Will Annalise survive?
  3. How are they going to cover this up now?

Season 2 episode 10 wasThe episode starts off with an important clip that shows Annalise Keating laying on the floor gasping for air because she was shot by one of her students Wes or is it “Christoff”?

Annalise isn’t dead unbelievably and she is now able to go home. Unfortunately she has to take the stand as a witness to the sentencing of the ex client who she is falsely accusing of shooting her. I don’t want to tell too much the show gets more juicy and raw.

Here’s a photo of Annalise (Viola Davis) keeping it real with no eyebrows on.

She’s won an Emmy from the first season and her pulling her wig off and baring it all may be apart of that success. That Emmy also made history of her being the first Black woman to win Best actress in a Drama.

Well I don’t want to give away too much tune into How To Get Away With Murder every Thursday on ABC at 10|9c.

You can also tune in on Hulu….