Here’s some of my Go-to girls in no specific order…

You’ve prolly came across Monti on your explore page and thought “Damnnnnnnn” 🔥

Well I did too, so I had to follow her (Bryson Tiller voice)

Oh & her feed…….Talk about #BawdyGoals

To me Monti represents what every girl would love to be…..Sexy, bold, & confident.

I think she’s living in Cali & thank God because if it was cold there we’d never get to see exactly how HOT she is!

She’s a model with not your average body, she has curves and a nice ass to match.

Monti has just recently dabbled into a major collab with the line L’Animal.



We wanted to give people looks they can wear on a daily, look effortless, feel sexy and all at an affordable cost. This is a collaboration of our aesthetics, our take on BASICS!

“this is basically how I am, I try to be effortless, I like to feel sexy…” — Monti @thefull_monti

Maxine is someone I’ve been following for the past few years. I originally came across her trolling on someone else’s page and instantly caught my attention, I loved her personal style.

Come to find out she’s actually a designer and made the cute clothes she had on. Looking at her designs on the gram gave me the chills, I'm a sucker for originality.

Of course being a designer most likely you have to have bomb style right? Maxine’s pieces are pretty close to perfect.

She does wear her own shit and shes rocks it well. (Pic Below)

I love Maxine she isn’t afraid to try something new or even start a new trend. She’s seemed to master the “Sexy casual” look.

Her style is kind of tomboy chic with bold sexy statements.

Here’s a pic of her being BOMB & unbothered.

Samaria is literally GOALS! Can anyone guess who her father is? Only one of the finest men in the world LL Cool J. So of course she’s genetically perfect lol 💅🏾


Samaria is def a YoungColdPiece 👀 She captures and displays herself in such an unique way.

It’s like she knows what works for her body and she does exactly that.

Samaria does a great job of mixing high and lowend pieces:

Here she’s wearing one of my favorite brands by http://shopmatte.com and look at that bawdy hunny!

Elisa, Elisa, Elisa……while most are admiring and loving her Fashion Mogul brother Ej I’m constantly stalking his baby sis. Yes, guys Magic Johnson can do nothing but produce greatness.

Wait is that a sky blue BIRKIN? Yes, it is. But it’s not about the BIRKIN at this point because I’m sure its not the only one….

Her personal style is literally 🔥🔥 Elisa needs to be front row at every fashion show because she gets it.

If you look through her feed you’d catch deep v’s, cool thigh high boots, and bomb dresses.

She effortlessly rocks this all black outfit. Idk there’s something about this outfit that’s giving sex appeal that I love.

I believe she’s located in New York and she’s slaying those New York streets.

For some reason her style fits “Model off duty”.

Elisa’s fresh ,sexy, edgy style is what the world needs 💕

Amil, has one of THEE BEST Instafeed I’ve come across.

It’s always like she’s having a good time in some way.

Amil’s creativity and iPhone photography skills are what exactly made her a Gem.

She’s a stoner and not afraid to post a interesting pic showing her pearled blunts & 🍃.

Its not often that she show’s her face, but she will show her unique hair styles and colors.

I think in this one she had platinum hair.

(You guys know I’m a sucker for Silver hair)

Amil has also mastered the “Cool caption” 🔥

For some reason Amil’s feed shows she’s not only hardcore, but adds a hint of girly with butt 📷 & long nails 💅🏾

Here’s one of my fav pics of her nails 💅🏾

Sonetimes as women we are looked at and judged simply off of what we wear, how we look , and how we carry ourselves.

There’s a double standard to women when it comes to dressing a certain way. These girls show me that you can be sexy with no regrets.

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