Salt of the Earth

Christians are called, 'the salt of the earth’ in the Bible (Matt 5:13), the idea being that just as salt enhances flavour and prevents meat from rotting, so to would godly Christians, by their very presence alone, prevent the decay of the society they live in and improve the quality of life of their neighbours. In this way a handful of godly Christians would effectively bless many people whether Christian or pagan.

Christians however are warned in the same verse to not 'lose their saltiness’, which would make them liable to be cast out themselves…

We lose our saltiness through compromise with the world, sin and unbelief. Friendship with the world is enmity to God (James 4:4), sin is rebellion against God and unbelief effectively calls God a liar.

A Christian is called to be a wonderful aroma to those who are being saved and a foul stench to those who are being destroyed (2 Cor 2:15).

Saltiness therefore before God is essential, though before the bulk of humanity it will always be most unpopular. We will win few (if any) friends amongst the condemned and yet by our saltiness we can quietly and confidently bless all of society even in the face of it’s hatred for us.