Neil Dhillon : It’s all in the Message

Neil Dhillon has spent the last thirty years in Washington DC working as a lobbyist, communications specialist, policy advisor, advocacy developer, and public affairs specialist. Some of his career highlights include a position as Chief of Staff to the late US Congressman Bob Matsui from California. He was tapped as a senior aide to President Bill Clinton in 1993, and he currently works at NA Consulting Services as a Global Public Affairs Professional.

The consummate professional as a communications strategist, Neil Dhillon knows that the message is what matters. Craft an effective message, and you’ll win the day. His job involves crafting language that will reach the right ears for his clients and speak to their interest. His clients are manifold and include foreign governments, Fortune 500 companies, and influential trade groups trying to gain a foothold in Washington.

There are many nuances to crafting the right message. Dhillon says that anyone can throw some words together. The key is to craft just the right message with just the right words, each targeted at the right people and exemplifying the right tone and core of what his clients need to say. He uses his many connections in Washington to aid him in his job, and his clients appreciate Dhillon’s thirty years of experience on the inside.

With each client that Neil Dhillon takes on, he strives to understand their communication objectives. What specific message are they trying to craft? What are the client’s long-term policy goals? What are their short-term goals? Dhillon possesses the skills necessary to target the right audience the right way with the right message. Dhillon uses every mode of communications at his disposal, including Twitter, Facebook, and other social media. He knows how to target a client’s specific audience and deliver a specific message to them.

His experience and success of the past three decades make him very attractive to a variety of clients. Non-profit organizations and other NGOs go through Dhillon to ensure that their interests and the interests of their constituents are seen to. He has rarely disappointed clients and has a track record of bringing influence and power to any organization he takes a leadership role in. Before he landed at NA Consulting, he was the Senior Vice President at Hill & Knowlton, which won “Agency of the Year” in each of the six years he worked there.

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