Neil Dhillon: Thirty Years of Political Experience

Neil Dhillon has spent the last thirty years of his life on the political scene in Washington, DC. He currently works as a lobbyist and general consultant for NA Consulting Services. He entered the private sector in 2008, when he became the Senior Vice President at Hill & Knowlton, a global consulting firm with offices and clients all over the world. Under his leadership, Hill & Knowlton was named “Agency of the Year” six years in a row.

Dhillon made the news recently when he correctly predicted the Republican Party would retake control of the United States Senate and strengthen its majority in the House of Representatives in the 2014 midterms. His prediction was unpopular at the time, six months before the elections, but Neil Dhillon cited recent history and President Obama’s approval rating. Dhillon says that the President’s opposition party usually saw a boost in the legislative branch, especially during the second term of a presidency.

The late US Congressman from California Bob Matsui hired Dhillon as his Chief of Staff in 1988, a position he stayed with until 1993, when President Bill Clinton chose him to be the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Government Affairs.

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