The dialogue.

Does that sound familiar? We thought about an issue quite deeply and couldn’t find the right solution. We then talk to somebody about it and explain the issue at hand.

Suddenly it makes sense. We worked it out. How does that work?

My hypothesis is that we don’t think in words. I for example am a very visual person. Everything I do is captured in visuals, my thoughts, my memory – at least that’s what doctors told me ;). Through writing and speaking we bring a subject from the world of abstract thinking and imagining into an understandable tangible world of written/spoken language.

Through a discussion or dialogue we not just explain the subject to others but also to our selves. We view it from a different, more outside perspective. By doing that we can take a fresh look on the matter. It’s clear and specific now, not just an image or a cloud of thoughts in our brain.

The dialogue or a blog post can be such great tools if you agree to work things out with them in the process.

Give it a try.

10/15/2017, NHQ