EP 03 — Sahil Arora — Entrepreneur & Founder of Vuzelaa | Indian Startup Show

I talked with Sahil Arora — Entrepreneur & Founder of Vuzelaa. Sahil is a 17 year old entrepreneur who raised $40,000 while still at school!.

Vuzelaa is an iPhone app which uses retina recognition for logging into social media and other cool stuff. I talk about the highs & lows of being an entrepreneur.

We discuss the future of social networking. How he manages a team of 14 staff & pitching a VC during at school break. It’s full of practical advice , useful ideas for anyone building an app with no design or coding knowledge.

key takeaway. Your never too young to start!




The Vuzelaa home page : www.vuzelaa.com
Twitter: @TheSahilsays


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