NeuroTags co-founder Nitin Gupta on helping companies tackle the $1.6 trillion dollar counterfeiting goods market

Counterfeit goods are estimated to drain more than $1.6 trillion from the global economy, a figure that is slated to climb $4.2 trillion by 2022. So today I speak with Nitin Gupta, the co-founder & CTO of NeuroTags.

A start-up that is helping companies to fight the huge counterfeit market. So we talk about how this works, how things are going so far. Talking to big brands in India and USA. The business model, how they plan to scale. he also talks about his previous life working at Yahoo, eBay, PayPal in the mid-2000 ’s. And he also gives great advice for first-time founders.

in this conversation we also talk about:

- Stats
 — Getting good traction
 — How they catch the counterfeiters 
 — Million people being killed due to fake pharmaceutical drugs 
 — Thoughts on what went wrong at Yahoo (B players hiring C players!)
 — Book recommendation — Speed of Trust by Stephen M. R. Covey
 — Thoughts on finding talent.
 — Industries they are specifically targetting. 
 — Talking to the big VC’s
 — Creating value
 — Trust.

and much much more!


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