Blocbox Case Study: Color Palettes

In this check point I learned the basics of color theory:

  • Color wheel: primary, secondary, and tertiary colors
  • Color scheme: complementary, split-complementary, monochromatic and analogous
  • Color palette: selecting colors and their corresponding hex color values
  • Combining all of the above to achieve a certain look and feel, and draw the user to certain actions to help them reach their goal

Color Palette — Main Version

The artboard below displays the color palette used for the main version of Blocbox. The darker colors are used throughout the structure and text while the light blue and green are used for call-to-actions such as buttons and links.

Color Palette — Alternate Version

The goal of the checkpoint assignment was to practice the basics of color theory by creating an alternate version of the color palette for Blocbox.

I decided to go with a blue monochromatic color scheme. Blue has a certain calming effect and I wanted to use it to try and give Blocbox a pleasant feel. The spectrum I chose ranges from light blues, to give a light and airy look and feel to the overall app, to dark blues for more serious elements such as paragraph text.

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