Blocbox Case Study: Survey & Competitive Analysis

Blocbox is a case study on a SaaS (Software as a Service) web application that allows people to collect and store information in a single place.


I sent out a survey using Google forms to gather information on potential users, their behaviors, basic demographic information, and their need for a service like Blocbox.

Assessing Survey Results

Devices and browsing

Smartphones are the most popular devices for browsing the internet followed by laptops. Also of note, social networks are the most popular websites viewed by users which will be taken into consideration for designing the onboarding and login process.

Based on this information, Blocbox will have a simple design that is responsive across multiple devices.

Saving content

Most of our potential users save links and images by either downloading content or using browser bookmarks. Most respondents like these tools because they are simple, user-friendly, and intuitive. However, most complain that their files eventually become disorganized and difficult to find again because items are compartmentally saved on different devices and compartmentalized even further with the use of different apps.

Blocbox will be designed as a single place for storing and organizing content that is accessible from any device.

Writing Notes

Notes for personal use were most popular. Most respondents like the ability to quickly and easily write notes as if using a pen and notepad. However, most complain that their notes eventually become disorganized and difficult to sort later. This is partially due to notes being written on multiple devices and on different note-taking apps.

This re-emphasizes the need to provide a single place for saving and organizing content that is accessible from any device.

Work environment

The respondents come from diverse backgrounds including design, tech, student, government, fitness, retail, research, caregiving, medicine and law. Most respondents also indicated that they work in a collaborative environment.

Blocbox will be designed to include simple content sharing and collaboration features.


Almost all respondents have social media accounts. Approximately half use social accounts to register and login to other websites.

Blocbox will include social sign-in & sign-on options to ease the onboarding and login process.

Demographic Data

Most respondents are ages (25–34 years old) and (35–44 years old) and live in the western U.S.

This information will be used to develop user personas.

Competitive Analysis

Below is a competitive analysis of three Blocbox competitors: Google Keep, Ember for Mac, and Evernote.

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