Its not about wanting to have sex

or should I say its not ‘just’ about wanting to have sex

I don’t want to use words like ‘Trust me’, ‘I mean it’, ‘literally’, etc. I just wanna tell you that..

my feelings for you come with a lot of care.

When I get a call or text from you even when I’m the busiest, I will try to respond as quickly as I can. Why?

Because “I care!”, “You are important to me”.

There is no one on earth who has not faced challenges in life, may it be the wealthiest person. And people are always going to face stress in this modern and digital world, Agree?

We are so connected today that even a snapchat story can cause mood swings. Say your friends went for a concert, you couldn’t go due to some work. You see their story and you are in no mood to work but to be with them. I’m also saying its not just about stress.

This article from Huffington and many others are not trying to encourage us to have sex. But are helping us to find ways for moments where you and I should ‘feel good’ about ourselves and leave everything behind.

So PLEASE, keep in mind, write a note, create a reminder, make a tattoo, or whatever, but don’t say that again. And I hope you get my point.

I always want you to feel happy and good about yourself, appreciate this beautiful life, and a smile on your pretty face love. ☺(And love me obviously ;)

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