The Painfully Beautiful Patchwork Life

I think it is safe for me to say that things are rarely one dimensional. I can pick up a piece of a puzzle and look at it for what it is, or I can relate it to the big picture. That same puzzle piece looks completely different when you combine it with the other 99. We are shown a new perspective.

Our identity is built in much the same way. It is impossible to understand the character of someone by examining a single moment in time. Rather, only after observing a collection of moments and experiences can you begin to gain perspective.

The power of “WHY?”

Part of understanding someone is understanding the past experiences that have shaped them into the current version of themselves.

Some of my defining moments have been the most painful to bear. It was when I felt broken and reached my lowest point that Christianity became real to me. Sometimes the most painful moments can create the most beautiful outcomes.

I have been blessed to be a part of a close family. My memories with them are filled with laughter, love, and minimal frustration. My older brothers had a profound influence on me growing up. My mom helped to guide me along and taught me how to communicate. My dad showed me what it was like to be a man. When I looked at him, I saw honorable qualities that brought out a certain level of respect.

Life can be such a beautiful thing sometimes. It’s like patchwork. It is the sum of so many things stitched together to create something whole, something complete.

Making The Connection

It is this idea of patchwork that I see when I look at my sculptures. It started with the elephant and has evolved over time.

I can connect with the idea behind the shapes. By themselves, they are insignificant, but something much more beautiful starts to happen when I piece them together.

I am very intentional about retaining a certain roughness to my sculptures. I feel like it creates a connection to the story behind it. The welds remain visible and you can see each of the seams.

I grind and blend everything together because I want to create a sense of harmony, a sense of unity.

These shapes tell a story. Whether it’s to convey emotion, an idea, or simply to capture the beauty of life.

We are imperfect beings, that much I know, but to stop there would be a shame. There is beauty in the imperfections. If we get stuck on our shortcomings, we are missing out on opportunity. Failure has taught me more than success ever will.

My story is just beginning. It has been quite the journey thus far and I am curious to see what unfolds next.

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