Remix!! Reiterate and Final Design (Part 9)

In this post I will reiterate the design to include some of the finding from the User Testing. I will then present a video that will recap on the full process of this project and make recommendation for further study.


Based on the finding from the user testing I made some changes to the design. There was some ambiguity with what the user was looking at in Explore page. I’ve changed the list format to card format and provided some text header to provide better understand of the content displayed.

Changes in design on Explore page based on User Testing

I noticed through user testing that neither position for the filter panel button was unfindable. One participant expressed dislike in using the floating action button. For this reason I’ve moved it up below the header on the search page. This is consistent to where it sits on the other pages. By doing this the sort by functionality can also be included.

Floating action button filter converted to filter bar at top of search page.

The 3 participants had some difficulty with saving after editing profile information. This proved there is a lack of feedback. For this reason I’ve included a save button where the back arrow was. This provides clearer visibility of the SAVE button and better feedback to the user.

In edit mode the hamburger menu switches to a save button


The following is a screen cast of the full process performed in the UX and Visual Design Project.

Project Screencast

Prototype 3

To access the updated prototype click here. Use an android device to experience correct interaction and functionality. (note: functionality may be distorted if used on desktop. Minimise screen to mobile size. )

To conclude

By examining information architecture, content strategy, universal design and psychological factors with the intention to reorganise and structure an interface, it was possible to improve the user experience.

Cognitive load has been decreased by simplifying the user interface elements and navigation by having one left hand navigation, one track design that looks and acts the same for all sections including on the homepage(stream) and explore page with the same functionality in the over flow menus.

It is still possible to change tracks by swiping the screen but by including persistent visible buttons for manipulating tracks (play, rewind, fast-forword, shuffle, replay are on screen). flexibility in use is improved making it usable by a larger audience.

Actions are not repeated. Functionality exists in one place based on how often it is used (i.e. primary functionality vs secondary functionality. E.g. likes are visible on a track, repost is in the 3 dot overflow menu.)

A filter panel has been included to filter tracks and sort by to structure results. Headings in filters help the user to customise and see tracks that suit them. Previous to the redesign there was no visible or conceivable understanding to what way tracks were ordered. The Sort by structures tracks and give users control over what way they want to see tracks.

Instead of combining search and explore I’ve made Search accessible anywhere using the space in the header. It only becomes a destination after a search is performed (not beforehand).

I’ve included functionality to allow users to play music offline which is a frustration of the primary persona Jess.

When a user views an artist they like they will see artists similar to that artist by clicking on the third tab.. They can also access this similar button in the 3 dot overflow menu of each artist.

With the new layout psychological gestalt principles have been considered by grouping content together to assume verification and relatedness on the the explore page, side nav and profile page.

Further discussions

Perceptible Information: Although touch targets and text sizes meet accessibility recommended guidelines I think more research could be carried out to verify if it is useable be partially visually impaired users. More testing on this type of user would verify this.

Allowing users to switch from list view to card view: I would have liked to see this in action and see if it was a desirable or a used feature.

Allowing users to manually order songs in a playlist: Currently this functionality does not exist on the Soundcloud app. The ability to edit playlists would eliminate the need to switch devices and improve the usability of the app. This is something that I think users would benefit from. Research would determine if this is something users would use.

Notification settings: users should be able to setup when they get notification, not just randomly throughout the day. If I’m at work and I get a notification Im going to ignore it. But if I’m listening to music on the bus and get a notification there’s a much higher change of me listening to the new song (content strategy). This is something that needs to be explored in greater detail.

Posts vs reports: Further research needs to be carried out in determining the value of a post to repost.

Thank you for taking the time to read the post and any previous post for this project. For access to all the previous posts in this Soundcloud redesign project click here.

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