4 Ways Breast Implants Can Accentuate Your Natural Curves

While women who are unhappy with their natural body shape may not immediately think of breast augmentation as a possible solution, breast implants can go a long way in balancing your figure and highlighting your natural curves.

In fact, the best breast implant results are often seen in women who choose to have an augmentation to accentuate their proportions rather than trying to greatly increase their cup size. Read on to learn four ways that breast implants can help you contour your physique and bring out the best in your body.

1. A More Proportionate Look
Whether you believe that your bust is too small, your bottom half feels too large, or that you simply don’t have the measurements that you’d like, breast implants can provide a balanced, proportionate look that can give a big boost to your self-confidence.

Your surgeon will assess your preferences to determine what size of implants will be best to give you natural-looking results. Bigger is not always necessarily better, as many women are finding that overall bust size isn’t as important as full body symmetry and a flattering, natural look.

2. Correcting for Asymmetry
Asymmetry between breasts is perfectly normal and affects the majority of women to some degree. However, a significant size discrepancy can lead to problems finding clothes that fit and other appearance concerns. Many women feel that their confidence would be increased by leveling out the size disparity between their breasts, and breast implants can do just that.

Depending on the level of asymmetry you may have, your plastic surgeon can help you decide which style of implant could be best for you. A negligible size difference may be able to be corrected with the basic addition of implants or tissue restructuring, but a larger size variation may require differently sized implants to be inserted on each side to create a look that’s balanced and even.

3. Create an Hourglass Shape
The wide-hipped, large-busted female form is an ideal that many people are familiar with, but few women are actually blessed with naturally. For women who tend to be bottom heavy and have always wanted to get an hourglass figure, breast augmentation can help to add volume and size to your chest and give you that curvier look.

Managing your expectations is important here, as you may be tempted to go for implants that are larger than what you need to achieve the ideal hourglass. While your plastic surgeon should be honest about your options, keep in mind that overall proportionality is at least as important as size, and that a naturally curvy shape can often be maximized even with modestly sized breast implants.

4. Restoring Volume after Weight Loss or Pregnancy
Both weight loss and pregnancy can have a noticeable impact on the size of your breasts, to the chagrin of many women out there. As much of the volume of your breasts comes from fatty tissue, weight loss in particular can reduce the amount of breast volume you have and decrease your bust size. Implants can offer an alternative to give you fuller breasts even after reaching your target weight.

The hormonal fluctuations from pregnancy will typically influence the size of your breasts as well. Breast size usually increases during pregnancy and while breastfeeding, but tends to decrease afterwards, sometimes leaving women with a smaller cup size than they enjoyed pre-pregnancy. A breast augmentation can go a long way in restoring the fullness and volume to your breasts, helping you enjoy a sexier look that’s closer to your pre-pregnancy figure.

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