Rover Design Exploration

Throughout the progression of technology, there have been inventions armed with the vision of accelerating the growth of communication, information and evolution of data.

“Our creation is Rover, our motive is to expand the speed at which information arrives at the hands of people. “

This vision began with one bold word, curiosity. Every thought we had from the past was denounced, and from this point on with the borrowed inspiration of future exploration we circled the premise of the word ‘curiosity.’ Through sheer thinking, we arrived at a conclusion that was derived from the truth of our vision, more so than the benefits of that name.

The conclusion was, Rover.

A name subordinated to reasoning and logic, a name of science and object to serve people. Rover like the Mars rover, curiosity, is an application that lifts darkness from the unknown and brings about a new light of knowledge. Rover explores the surface of information, it allows for people to connect on a basis of interest. Unlike previous discovery platforms, Rover is not subordinated to the need of typing and searching, rather our AI called ‘mars’ learns about what you want to know and it makes the connections for you, effortlessly. It is an essence a tool for humanity, that searches for what a person is interested in from an endless universe of data.

A person’s taste is an inherent attribute of the individualism, gained from environment and intuition. Rover expands an individual’s taste, their intuition and furthers their scope of knowledge exponentially. Correspondingly, our algorithm follows the law of interest versus the law of friend mutuality. People are connected on the basis of mutual interests rather than just friends. Rover gives you the independence to freely choose your conquest of interest, and choices of people to be inspired by. Rover is connecting people, like they have done so in Science Fiction.

The product initiates as a conversation

Rover’s Mars Introduction

Becoming part of the Rover community, is becoming a member of the future. The first experience with Rover is an introduction to the application through the mind of Mars (AI assistant). The assistant requires for the user to communicate with it, like communicating with a friend through messenger. It will ask for a nickname in order to give the communication a friendly format. The AI will ask for a selfie (static or animated) in order to help the user understand that the product is a community of people.

Mar’s learning

Mars connects and engages users to their favorite things. It analyzes the web and brings into surface only content that is unique to the individual. The user can see interests found in the behavior in which they use the internet. Rover analyzes these patterns, with precision. Mars learns from you by taking the role of a good friend.

Mars is a good listener, it makes it possible for new interests to be defined by you.
Mar’s recommending
Enjoying Rover is easy. With Rover you don’t search, you discover.

A friend doesn’t ask for input in order to respond, rather they recommend based on how they perceive you. Rover will compile recommendations from experts, artists,taste-makers, and friends giving you only what is relevant to you. Therefore accelerating the rate at which you discover new things. Whereas Facebook connects people on a basis of mutual friends, Rover is connecting the world on a basis of mutual interest.

Traditional search re-engineered

We expect our users to already have a world which they follow. Rover will simplify keeping in touch with the world you love. Therefore we’ve included traditional search, in order to create or name new things to your personal palette of interests. However that does not come without a twist.

The Twist

Rover will allow you to define series of custom tags in order to find searches, often more specific than Google. Rover is now searching in mind with the things it already has learned from you, only providing more content which you will love.

As you use it, it learns.
Rover Feed

All the stories that you want are pinned to a feature component of the feed. The things that you follow (Interests and interests of friends) are where you want it, and in the format of a feed.

More from feed

Rover defines interest which it suggests by adjusting them in the left position. Similarly, Rover treats stories shared by friends in the right position. Creating the similar left and right contrast found in messaging applications. This further accelerates the rate at which stories of high likability are consumed. Stories which will have a positive reaction from the user are in gold lettering.

Rover scrolling is smooth and effortless, making it easy to see the contrast between one story and another.

Experience a new side to your friends, and people you admire. Profiles highlight existing interests and points to the interest between which users have in common (Mutual Interests). You gain more insight on each friend, by easily scanning their interest profile. Cards which are larger are more important than smaller cards. The arrangement of sizes and scale determine how much the person likes a certain interest.

Rover boards and likes

Rover makes you feel closer to the people around you. It is more than just the number of followers or following, or data alike. It is a matter of seen how your friend categorize their interests based on the boards which they create. It is viewing a beautiful parallax grid which showcases the person’s taste from a visual perspective.

You see only what your friend truly wants you to see.
Interest feed and Mars

Easily view feeds which only contain stories of your specific choice of interest. Each feed comes with a feature story, showing you the most relevant story of that day.

Throughout Mar’s learning experience of your taste profile, it will recommend new people to follow by closely relating the things you like to the thing you may like.
Tell Mars what you like, but don’t just tell, express just how much you like it. Discover not just something you’ll love, but own what will have you at awe.

Rover brings you with the technology to communicate with Mars by telling it with simple twist of a dial, how much you are enjoying an interest. This way you’ll get closer to always getting exactly what you want to see.

Rover’s commenting

Don’t just comment. Express visually how you felt. Express with a picture, GIF,meme, or a simple smile. Rover is about collecting human emotions, and creating a community that is alive.

Mars although an AI, highly values emotions.

Easily keep track of the friends that are liking the same stories as you, or reacting to the same stories.