Optimizing Your Thank You Page

Let’s talk about optimizing your thank you page. And what I mean by your thank you page is a confirmation page or wherever your customer lands after answering your call to action.

The main 3 types of thank you pages are…

The Confirmation Page:

It’s not a Catholic thing. I promise. Your customer has entered their contact info to get an ebook or to sign up for a webinar or some other type of free gift that you are using for a lead magnet. They said yes, your system let them have it, and when they clicked the button they got directed here.

Email Sign up Opt-in Page:

It’s what it is. You did something right. The prospect has raised their hand to indicate that they are picking up what you are laying down and they want to be in the loop. They enter their email address and are directed to a thank you or confirmation page.

Thank You Post Purchase Page:

This is where your customer lands after using their money or bartered wares to purchase something from you.

Optimus Prime-us:

No matter which of these pages we are talking about, one thing remains the same.When a customer reaches your thank you page, this is probably when they feel the best about you and have the most trust in you. So it’s a good idea to take advantage of your momentum.

Here are some ways how.

Include social media share buttons. That’s a no-brainer. I’ll come back to this in a minute but make sure your social media buttons link to your landing page, not your thank you page. Otherwise your customers could be inadvertently sharing your lead magnet all willy-nilly and people could be given access to your carefully constructed conversion content without you getting their email address or purchase.

Next, continue with the trust-momentum. Be sure to tell them exactly how to connect with the content or product they have signed up for. And this may seem silly but include the name of the ebook/product/offer on the page. This way they know they are in the right place.

Back to those social media share buttons. One quick and simple strategy that makes it even more likely that your viewers will use the share buttons on your thank you page is to have the downloaded content open in a new tab or new window. This gives your visitors and action takers the opportunity to read or consume your content without closing out of the thank you page. After they have opened your content and they are happy with it, they can go back to the thank you page and click a share button. In other words, having your content open in a new tab takes advantage of the effects of recency and convenience on people’s willingness and likelihood to share it. If they’re still excited about the content post download or purchase and the buttons are accessible in a previously opened tab or window then you stand a better chance that they’ll help spread the word.

Also, don’t be afraid to have a new call to action on your thank you page. This could be…

  • Subscribe to your blog. If you have written and published keyword-latent top to bottom of funnel blog content, then this CTA can push your prospect through your content waterslide. (Content waterslide is just a sexier way of saying funnel.)
  • 30 day trials. (Quick tip: 30 day trials are so 2016. Try using something like a 27.5 day trial.) Be sure to hit your prospect with some good autoresponder emails during the trial period that will pull them through the buyer’s journey that you have worked so hard to create.
  • Survey Links. Surveys can be so useful in constructing solid buyer personas. Here is a quick ninja tip: on your thank you page, drop in your best testimonials “above the fold” and then right beneath them, include a link to a survey to help you to construct your buyer persona(s). Again, make sure it opens in a new tab or window so your prospect can return to ground zero. There are many interactive content solutions available right now that can allow you to create things like surveys and quizzes in many different formats. Here’s a gateway to free or affordable tools if you need them.

On your thank you page, you can also up-sell or cross-sell similar items or offers. A good technique here is to add a coupon code for other offers that you may have that are in line with the content your prospect has just moved forward to download.

An analogy here is to think of those times when you are in line at the grocery store, you have already decided to make a purchase. You are like: “Hey look, I didn’t know they made tic-tacs in that flavor…while I’m here…and I already have my wallet out, let’s go for it.”

(By the way if you have not tried cherry cola flavored tic-tacs then walk, don’t run. Those things are delicious.)

Another tactic that works well is to include (on your thank you page) links to your best or most relevant blogposts. While you have their trust, further prove yourself as an authority figure and take the opportunity to point them to the part of your buyer’s journey that would make the most sense in the terms of their progression.

Pardon me for getting simple, but I have to mention this because I see so many creators forgetting about it: when you are providing downloadable content, give the customer an instant download option and email a link where they can download the content later.

The customer may not be able to read or open the document at the time of purchase. Providing the material via email allows them to access it without having to find where they downloaded it. This is also good in the cases where they may have forgotten that they even opted in to receive the product.

If you are new to creating thank you pages, I have a great resource for you that will show you how to make them. It will also show you how to add analytics in Wordpress.

If your customer is on one of your thank you pages, then you did something right to get them there. Take advantage of that moment. THANK them and don’t hard sell them, but give them the opportunity to take advantage of what else you have to offer.


No need to summarize, right? You are smart. You get it. But hey, if you are a podcast person, I have one that you might like over at letstalkcontent.com. You can also connect with me on your favorite social media platform there.

Thanks for your time and attention!