Day and Night

This actually rather beautiful watching how light and dark has such a rhythmic influence on humans. Watching human activity patterns in relation to heavenly body movements and subsequently the universe would suggest we are an indication. A working measurement of vitality for a Greater Host, and that is mostly enough, Making our motives relatively inconsequential to it. To understand that and not instantly succumb to self-destructing greed, takes conditioning. When your role is a measure of vitality, your motive is to live as long as you can, but this is best served with as many as you equally can. As prosperous and as sustainable as you can, as you learn it makes for a healthiest as can be host at that moment. In terms of scale, why would this be any different for the Host carrying our Universe? If that’s the case, we aren’t wholly inconsequential. It would mean we have accountability to our Host’s interests, likely Its life. Accountability that is not just indication from passive measurement, but direct influence. We’d do well to try harder.