In oppression, any structured ideal is not the persistent issue, it’s the abuse of the authority that comes with that ideal that makes it cancerous. The cancerous portion of any system must be stabilized and reversed or removed. More to the point in regards to a body, it will die if not healed. Healing and true restoration only has the opportunity, the chance, to happen once the cancer is in remission. The body may die anyway if it has degenerated too far. Some cells become content with the body dying, tempted to attain authority and maintain its will over the body’s natural functions until its premature end. Fortunately the body tries to defend itself. Body functions against an perverse death of the body carry the wisdom on how to remove the most cancerous, but may lack the power to do so by its own means, so there’s an uphill struggle to climb. A climb to harness and re-energize the body to recover. That is a race against time and opportunity. And opportunity has been made to be terribly stacked against Black lives, so they rely on time… but even time is related to opportunity. So their time to witness the reverse the sickness of oppression-inspired hierarchy is limited too, but they do have a time, and will require the body’s cooperation. If the body does not cooperate then the body, and Relation, will die. Defend them for your survival if you fail to understand why to defend them for their own.