The Afterlife

Everything has an afterlife because “life” has been based mainly on a range of human-perceivable frequencies that surely are not their own beginning, nor would they be their own endings. If they were then the matchstick was not once a sapling in an old wooded area and or the smoldering plume from an inter-state wildfire. Or that the water, ice, and vapor aren’t cyclic stages of life. Intelligent states of being in and of an intelligent system.
If everything outside of us has some form of an afterlife, after state,
surely why not us? Why shouldn’t humans become vibratory frequencies above or below their octaves in the directions of their energy’s decay?
Towards or away from, in every degree, according to their individual interpretations, like Heaven and their place compared to its position.

The folly we fall into in our hope to the after,
the great gamble, we desire to retain our sense of self,
as we go into the next stage. 
We’ve accepted death as a physiological process, 
but not as a metaphysical one.
We fearfully hope that our state of wokeness stays with us.
This allows for the concept of a spirit that dwells in our Earthen bodies,
tuned in, tethered, but not integral, and ideally, not subject to natural laws.
And this is dangerous, as we are using natural laws to reject natural laws.
We accept that our possessions do not travel with us when we leave, but there’s no guarantee that the possession of our sense of self, our Ego, travels with us either, and yet the idea of your deeds and character judges your destination is based on that. On one hand we call possession temporary and something to not attach yourself to, and on the other make ritual of fear and guilt as a guide to survive the judgement on our sense of self.

Now, there is truth in the Afterlife,
our energy configured in the ways they are that make who we are
does continue after death of the physical host.
It is not destroyed into nothing as was not created from nothing, 
but the idea that our energy does not change, may be considerably foolish. God may recognize you, but your consciousness may be too energetically decayed for you to recognize, and be accountable to, yourself.
There are people a mile away from me talking and I don’t hear them.
More specifically, I do not recognize or perceive of them.
However, this does not invalidate their discussion or existence. 
I may not feel the California earthquakes that litter the region,
but there are such things as amplitude, magnitude, and frequency.
Things that allow for perceiving and if of great enough scale,
can preserve that energy’s signature while having a greater span of recognition in the physical realm via human instruments. 
I can speak with a person over a mile away via cellular networks,
I could ideally hear someone from a mile away if they could be loud enough or my ears sensitive enough.

I haven’t much reason to not apply this to the metaphysical as well
with the understanding that influential factors to its system are sensitive to differing variables, but are related enough to draw parallels. 
This may be the reason for why religion is so important to humans,
and why the goal is salvation, or preservation, of the spirit.
A goal to maintain the recognition, or “signal strength”, of the spirit as it goes through natural energy decay, traversing the kind of energetic change that death would initiate from being to non-being.
In these terms, it would suggest human spirit and consciousness are capable of defying laws of energy decay, rejecting the ways of the world,
by becoming centered in the very Source of all their being, and that those that manage to do so truly experience an elevation in spiritual octave, whether that’s a final destination being “Heaven” or being allowed the next step in existence continuing communion with the Greater Host.
The constant suggestion in religious approach to each other, Love, seems to be the greatest requirement. Perhaps because in our interconnection, we are the very signal we’re trying to preserve individually, that the afterlife on another scale is directly dependent on one another, that we are in a way one Being, one energy pattern, a non-dual process, self tasked with maintaining our tune.

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