the false apex

It’s really hard for you to view women as equal because you’re afraid of the responsibility you’d have to assume in reexamining, everything. Especially to reexamine yourself, and the wanton violence you’ve committed, and commit, against them. It should be painful, and depressing. The way the world is set up, you can traverse it without ever subjecting yourself to this reexamination. So the question is, why do it? The will to evolve is naturally its weakest when you’re the apex predator of your society, a “Toruk” per se. There’s no reason to “look up”. For all of the strength those in this standing have made for themselves, glaring weaknesses based in “righteous” arrogance are bore from it. These weaknesses are the undoing of their standing. In wildlife this seems to be mostly wired into their biology. Humans seem to differ. Even as an apex of sorts, humanity is very assured that we are not our peak. However, in terms of gender, men still cling to apex status. In constant, willed, evolving of humanity, men still accept the cognitive dissonance cheerful in its convenience. And it weakens humanity. Men unlike most apex things, have the potential to evolve socially beyond the death-grip held to human authority. We can look beside us. Though, with a grip that tight held for so long, it will be painful to relax that grip and even more so to willfully open that hand. In the process of doing so, we’ll be facing and reconciling the damage done from holding such a grip, and atone for our sexism. It will hurt, and we know it must hurt, to ward us from doing such again. The conundrum is why do it when we don’t HAVE to in our lifetime? It is better for humanity if we do, but what’s the personal incentive for a vested interest in the continuance and improvement of humanity? It’s a selfish and shortsighted question, but an honest and reverberated one. How do you inspire men to willfully walk that path, today? And of course intersectional concepts apply to this same sequence of thought too.

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