Spivay— tweet music!

Chrome store: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/spivay/gjfamnbpbbclfnmghlnglgoedbebachp

I always missed a way to write short sketches of songs with my friends, just like… tweets. So I wrote an extension which allows you to do this! Here you can write your melodies, and your friends can collaborate just tweeting a response!

Spivay will add a “play” button to every tweet, however, and tweets of a specific format are playable! This format is:

#spivay piano 4E4 4A3 8C4 8D4 4E4 4A3 8C4 8D4 4E4 4A3 8C4 8D4 2E4

  1. #spivay — a keyword, just remember it.
  2. Instrument — piano, strings, cello, dualstrings, chorusfemale, chorusmale and… drums.
  3. Actual melody. The format is the same as in Nokia 1100, if you know what I mean. But if you don’t — the first number is a duration. Second one — note (from A to G). And sure you can add #. The last number — octave.

Oh, and if you need to insert a pause, use 1P, 2P, 4P… The number — duration, P means “pause”, obviously.

By the way, can you check what is #spivay piano 4E4 4A3 8C4 8D4 4E4 4A3 8C4 8D4 4E4 4A3 8C4 8D4 2E4 ?

Tweeting melody

You want to extend a melody? Tweet response like #spivay piano_2 or piano_3, just like here https://twitter.com/Nemanicka/status/1013140273898106881, where number 2 or 3 is a number of a part to play!

Drums? Yes! The notation is the same, but each octave represents different set of sounds.

  • Octave 0: Toms
  • Octave 1: Kicks
  • Octave 2: Crashes
  • Octave 3: Shakers
  • Octave 4: Snares

For any questions write me an email: nemanicka@gmail.com, or send me a tweet @nemanicka.