Chai and Parle-G!

Thanks to Pixabay for this image

I prepared a steaming cup of tea. With that I had a pack of biscuits. The biscuits, that the entire population (well, most of it) of India knows.

Like cricket and Bollywood, if there is anything that is found everywhere in India it is tea. Tea is the first drink in the morning, served usually with the newspaper and in some households with a few biscuits.

The usual biscuit being Parle-G.

Until a few years ago, if I ever went out for biscuits, it would invariably be a pack of Parle-G. Parle-G is like a constant, from the nineties till now. I do not know if there are any companies that have not changed the packaging from many years. Parle-G still has the same baby photograph on its package, who holds two hands in the front.

Parle-G brings nostalgia. Like those Reader’s Digest magazines of the bygone era, it still seems fresh. The taste of the biscuits has remained the same.

It has a mass appeal, thanks to the pricing. Until a few years ago, it was priced Rs 4 for a pack of biscuits that weighed 100g. Later the weight was reduced to 92g followed by 80g. Then the it costed Re 1 more. Now it is Rs 5 for 70g.

With the market offering a lot of choices, it still remains a favorite choice.

Having said all this, I finish my cup of tea with the last biscuit left in the package.