Deposition of dust

I observe the keyboard. There is a thin layer of dust. I believe it got deposited from a week or so. May be more. Some keys have the greater deposition of dust than others. Like the function keys.

I begin to think how to avoid dust. It seems impossible. It is omnipresent.

My cell phone beeps. A checklist pops up. “Daily checklist”.

It reads five things I must do before I hit the sack. Stuff like eating fruit, exercise, watering plants. I have to check the box. I have done hardly two of the listed.

Like the dust on the keyboard, tasks are piling up on Google Keep. It sends me notifications almost everyday. Some tasks that are pending from three months or more.

I decide to do something about them. I fight the resistance and think of ways to accomplish the task.

I procrastinate.

The next day, precise to the microsecond, the cell phone announces the arrival of Keep notifications.

The dust on keyboard piles up.