Recently, with a cup of coffee in my hand, I was hearing a conversation. They were discussing about the racism in England and the way the English decided to send back the immigrants.

“These migrants fueled the economy, they did the jobs and now they are being sent back”, one said.

“That is pretty bad, you see”, the other added.

I felt that was a funny discussion and I looked at them. Their eyes were fixed on the TV: the news was about BREXIT. They seemed pretty serious.

This has become a trend in India. We all have an opinion on everything else and then we make time to express that. And then we build an opinion over the opinion, we present some facts and we keep on building opinions on the opinions. We then debate on the same.

Take for instance, recently in a WhatsApp group, one person added a message about Rahul Dravid, the cricketer. It was a simple message that was not to hurt anybody.

Then this guy, a Sachin Tendulkar fan, started adding messages on messages stating stuff like “even if Dravid is a wall, he is nothing compared to God(Sachin Tendulkar)”. It was no where related.

Then the debate started. It crossed all the levels of decency and then people started blaming each other. It was insane.

The debate ended almost three hours later and that too when people were absolutely mad at each other.

I do not know who was right there and who was wrong. But the words everyone was using were really sharp. They were accusing each other.

This happens almost every day. In canteen conversations: over that cigarette: over dinner.

And that is absolute waste of energy and time.

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