When a 40-something guy rides a bicycle to work


I saw this 40-something guy riding a bicycle on his way to office. He was doing it in a slow and contended fashion. It felt great to see him do that. Then the traffic was halted and I could go right next to him and stop.

He worked for the same organization as I am. I told him “Good job” and showed by identity card.

Then I moved on, keeping my gear on the footpath, to bypass the usual traffic.

When I first bought my bike, the unusual comments by people, made me feel awkward. Things like — “you work for such a company and you should go for a motorbike at least” or “no same person can spend so much money on a bicycle and then spend energy by pedaling it” and son.

The comments and criticism became so common that I started to ignore them altogether.

However, I then realized that I was following what Charles Duhigg said in his bestseller “The Power of Habit”. He mentions in the book that habits can be changed but only when we make them a part of our lives.

I had done the same with choosing bicycling to office. It gives me the exercise that I would not do otherwise. “I am a skinny guy and skinny guys need not exercise”, I have told myself. It is also a cliche.

After moving away from the person did I realize the odds. How much resistance he must have faced given that he is 40-something and also he must be in a senior position.

The resistance I faced felt like nothing.