Opportunity to learn Dutch.

Since July 2015, I live in Amsterdam. In my opinion, it is a good decision to start learning Dutch if you are going to live here for a long time because you receive documents from the government that are written in Dutch. If you work for an international company in which English is the main spoken language, you still need Dutch for aforementioned documents.

The municipalities (gemeentes) help you to integrate into the community and they help you with learning the Dutch language. Every Dutch citizen is required to have a personal identification card (ID) and “Burgerings Service Nummer” (BSN), which allows you to take Dutch courses.

The things that I needed to do in order to partake in Dutch courses, are listed here after :

Firstly, I went to the municipality and made an appointment. Afterwards, I asked where I could find information about courses for expats. During my first appointment, I was told to go to the Taalwijzer. Taalwijwer is the organization, which will help you with finding opportunities to learn the Dutch language. In this organization, they told me that I should call 0202526008 or write a letter to helpdesk.educatie.dwi@amsterdam.nl and explain why and how I relocated to Amsterdam. It will be helpful to provide your ID and BSN number.

Here you can check the closest municipality:

 You can find more information on Taalwijwer here: https://www.amsterdam.nl/immigratie/inburgering/handige-links/handige_links/taalwijzers/

Additional information:

Common information on how you can learn Dutch:


All schools, which help people to integrate and learn Dutch that deal with people who need support


College, if municipality supports in taking a course you will need to pay less.


Information in English about learning Dutch


Project to support people to learn the language


Project where you can find a coach for learning Dutch


Other useful websites