My fingers ran across your gentle skin as the nights we layed in bed together became more common.

Finding hidden areas as the sun set and the moon showed it’s radiant beauty.

Areas that became a marked map of the places my fingers have been and will certainly go again. Grasping your skin as you lay next to me, knowing I would come across a small freckle when my hands approached your lower back. The hair on your chest became the comfort I use to sleep. Twirling my hands in your chest and stomach hair, wrapping my leg around yours like intertwined vines. The warmth of your leg hairs on my hairless, significantly smaller, legs. The movement of your chest as your lungs expand; my head moving to the rhythm of your breathing as I lay still. Ears attentive as you quietly snore the night away. Your snoring became a lullaby I couldn’t stand at first, but became a noise I couldn’t stand to sleep without.

Your skin is a map that I have navigated every corner of. A map that is now stored in my brain, randomly appearing in my thoughts as the day goes by. My fingers hoping it doesn’t become a part of my past, in order to continue visiting the marked spots of this map that make you, you. My favorite navigation; the loveliest snooze.

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