You won’t be capable of loving someone until you fully love yourself”


Let me explain why. Psychologically we as humans strive for perfection. For some odd reason, we are never pleased. We obtain a goal and set one higher. We get something we want and want something larger. I’m not saying this is bad, I’m saying this is normal. We look at ourselves in the mirror and are not happy and will never be. Sure, we all have days when we look good and feel good, but we also have days when we don’t. This is what being a human is. To be able to love yourself and accept yourself for who you are is achievable, but we always look at our flaws regardless. Telling someone that they must focus on loving themselves entirely before they can love themselves isn’t the advice that should be given. Instead, we should say that you must not get lost in the words of affirmation of someone else. To not make someone your confidence, your good days, your happiness entirely, but to be happy and confident with them. Often times people would tell me this advice and I would become upset knowing I am aware of my flaws and I will always be. Thinking I might not be able to give my affection to someone else because of the flaws that cling to me and make me who I am. I then realized that having days when I don’t love myself is normal and it will be for the rest of my existence, it doesn’t mean I’m not capable of loving someone. We as humans need interactions to live a healthier lifestyle. Interacting with each other plays a large roll in our lives. It’s healthy to be happier with someone by your side. It’s a beautiful thing when someone is able to find beauty in your flaws, because then you begin to find beauty in them as well. People are the best influence you have, good or bad. Focus on the good.

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