Glowgetter’s Guide to New Ingredients in Beauty Products

Every year, new ingredients are added to our beauty products to help our skin glow. These ingredients could be a better way to prevent wrinkles, or a newly tested solution to acne. In 2017, we’re excited to see the growth of nutricosmetics, probiotic skin care, and ceramides.

Nutricosmetics Are Your Trick to Better Skin

Skin-focused supplements have been available for some time now, but we’re discovering more information about the benefits of supplements for skin elasticity and wrinkle reduction. (We’ve been promoting the health benefits of collagen for nearly 20 years, but we’re still discovering more!)

While the products we use on our skin absolutely have an effect on appearance and aging, nutricosmetic supplements can deliver concentrated doses of collagen, antioxidants, and other nutrients for healthy, glowing skin.

Probiotics Aren’t Just for Your Gut

Probiotics for your skin? This beauty practice has been slowly gaining momentum over the past few years, but we’re predicting 2017 will be when it becomes a common ingredient.

Ingesting probiotics can benefit your skin as much as your digestion, but more are beginning to see an additional improvement with external application.

It’s dermatologist approved, too. Some recommend plain Greek yogurt, though there are also some products that don’t involve tomorrow’s breakfast.

Ceramides Are the Key to Skin Hydration

We’ve written about ceramides before, but we think this powerful ingredient needs another mention. Ceramides help increase your skin’s water permeability function, which means that your skin will stay moisturized.

Our study shows that participant’s skin retained more moisture and had an improved appearance after just 15 days. We’re excited to bring this product to you, and thrilled with the results we’ve seen in our clinical studies.

When searching for new ways to improve your glowing complexion, new beauty releases are the place to begin.

We’re excited for the progress the beauty industry will make this year with nutricosmetics, especially with our release of a new product called Ceramides Skin Hydrator.

Improve your skin’s texture in just 15 days with a few pills and without extra time in your beauty routine.