Glow Getter’s Guide to Paying It Forward

When considering ways to help others, paying it forward can be a great way to focus on others instead of ourselves. It’s more than paying for someone’s Starbucks. While that’s certainly a way to do it, paying it forward is a way of thinking of others in order to create a stronger community.

Performing random acts of kindness is a way to brighten someone else’s day and to do so invisibly. (In most cases.) This means no Facebook posts, no snaps, and no texts. Only you, the cashier, and the person you’ve helped should know.

This may sound extreme, but as we mention below, the focus is on helping others, not promoting our actions.

Focus on Your Attitude

Part of paying it forward is the boost we get when we perform the act. While this is good, it’s important to not get too wrapped up into the mindset. We want to pay it forward to help brighten someone’s day, not to show off our generous nature.

When paying it forward, remember to think about ulterior motives. We want you to feel great about doing this random act of kindness! But if it’s only to get extra attention, we’d recommend reconsidering.

Get Creative When Paying It Forward

Random acts of kindness can be either simple or a little more involved. If you’re already headed to a coffee shop or out to lunch, you can pay for the person behind you. But there are also some great ways to surprise the people in your life.

  • Friends
  • Postal workers
  • Sick neighbors

Helping Your Friends

Your friends are a great way to incorporate a random acts of kindness mindset. If one is starting a new job or is going through a particularly rough time, leave an anonymous care package at their door.

Personalize it to their favorite snacks or supplies for their new job. This can be food related or not, regardless of the contents we know they’ll be surprised and thrilled!

Helping Postal Workers

Public employees like postal workers often don’t get the thanks they deserve. The holidays may have come and gone, but there’s still an opportunity to show how grateful you are.

Leave a small treat and a note in your mailbox for them, or leave some cold water by the door on a hot day.

Helping Your Neighbor

If you have a neighbor you know has been sick, this can be the perfect opportunity to pay it forward. Leave them an anonymous note, give grocery store gift cards, or other items you think may help them.

Or, if you know of a family in the community that has been struggling, consider some ways you can help. This could also be store gift cards, or a bag of groceries. Whatever way you think you could help; taking some time out of your day to help others is a great way to readjust our focus.

Paying it forward has grown in popularity over the past few years, and is a great way to help make someone else’s day better. Whether you want to pay it forward at Starbucks during your morning commute or perform a a random act of kindness for your friends or neighbors.