WTF is NeoPower?

3 min readJun 1


NeoPower is a Web3 software company dedicated to building the best products.

Author: Brian Sasbon (Co-Founder & CEO)

Our story 📜

🙋‍♂️ My name is Brian Sasbon. I’m from Argentina and I studied software from a young age: first, it was at high school (ORT) that I fell in love with the power of technology to solve problems; and then I knew I wanted to keep studying engineering at the National Technological University (UTN).

Many years ago, while I was working full-time at a software factory, I decided I wanted to start my own company to be able to choose my fights and change the world (ugh, so cheesy). Anyway, that’s where everything started.

Our journey began with traditional projects and interesting clients from many industries such as fintech, insurance, and retail sellers. It was great seeing our products come to life and our clients and users happy. But when Web3 blew up, we knew it was time to pivot and move forward.

Web3 and humans ⛓

🤝 With my partner Pablo Corrado we decided that fully-traceable programmable money without any barriers was a huge game changer for all the industries we knew. So we decided to pivot and started studying. Solidity? Rust? Whatever, just feed it right here *pointing at our mouths*.

Unfortunately, to be a Web3 user, people might feel like they have to accomplish like 500 “crypto courses” and join like 80 cult-like “communities”. But we understand that the underlying problem is the tech. Shitty UX, cryptography exposed at a high-level, absence of abstractions, unscalable architectures… We studied software anti-patterns for so many years that it felt overwhelming to see them all at the same time. Almost like a veterinarian at a zoo under quarantine.

But enough about the rant. There was a silver lining to all of this. There were others like us, trying to fix stuff. We met amazing people along the way and many of them joined us in our adventure of building Web3 products usable by humans.

Milstein was one of the humans that joined us early back in the day, when prices were falling apart and “ecosystems” disappearing. We knew better, building was the only way.

What do we build? 👷‍♂️

We believe that the impact we want to generate on Web3 can only be accomplished through our 4 main pillars:

  • Labs 🧪 → build stuff
  • Infrastructure 📡 → run stuff
  • Education 🎓 → share knowledge
  • Community 📢 → meet people

Those 4 pillars form our Hitchhiker’s Guide to the usable Web3.

And then came the projects and partnerships:

  • Roloi as a way for people to save time, money, and energy while managing their personal finances.
  • 💙 DeFi Argentina as a way of turning crypto donations into actual help for children in need.
  • 🔐 La Multisig as a way of sharing knowledge and experiences through a podcast program.
  • 👷‍♂️ Buidlers as a way of meeting new cool builders that share our values.

And much more is being cooked as you read this. 👀

Call to action 👊

This article is part of our community pillar. We want to know you, we want you to know us and what we do. A good place to start is by following us on our social media: