Introduction to NeoTokyoPunks — The Beginning.

What is NeoTokyoPunks ($NTpunks)?

NTpunks consist of 4,444 carefully crafted art pieces. Each with specific traits complementing the OG Crypto Punks, Japanese Culture, Neon lights of Tokyo, and Combat in Neotokyo. Created by Masamune, Kataku, and Nation, NTpunks is built to showcase our passion for pixelated art and our elasticity to take it into a 3d metaverse.

Why NTpunks?

We are a team of 3 dedicated NFT developers, enthusiasts, and designers. We want to create something from the ground up, with community influence, and with other passionate NFT addicts. To start, we will be in a 2d metaverse with traditional pixelated art and then morph this into the 3d metaverse with the help of Hopium $HPM (an experimental element).


Let's keep it simple, sweet, but with violence and a hint of elegance. Keep in mind, we are using funds collected during mint to develop the project, from the ground up. Your NFT acts as a pass to each advancing roadmap goal. There is no VCS, you are the VC.

To start:

  1. ) Upon minting out, we will have our website professionally designed to showcase the art, our intentions, and the future of $NTpunks.
  2. ) Weapons inspired by the early 2000’s game Neotokyo will be created in a 2d pixelated form and will be eligible to claim by each $NTpunk holder. We will start with a primary weapon and then do sidearms.
  3. ) We will deploy Hopium, the experimental element, $HPM will be eligible to claim by all $NTpunk owners. $HPM will have a necessary role for advancing into the next stage. 1 $HPM = 1 $HPM. See below.
  4. ) This is where things get interesting… A black hole has made its way across the universe and scientists have alerted us that our very own planet will be consumed by this freak phenomenon, and they do not know the outcome. NTpunks are given an option to enter a “Cross-Dimensional Particle Replacer, CDPR” created by the world’s top Quantum Physicists. Simply put, NTpunks are given the option to step into a 3-Dimensional landscape and bring their weapons with them but can never go back. There is one catch, it requires a mass of hopium to power the CDPR!

5. ) Release beta Neotokyopunks P2E game

Art Inspiration

The art is inspired by the legendary Crypto Punks, Neotokyo, Japanese culture, and of course Neon colors. There’s so much that we wanted to add for traits, but with the limits of 2d pixels, it is challenging, but we were still able to include 51 traits into the underlying designs. Of course, we will have a much broader advantage once we release 3d designs for both $NTpunks and their weapons.

Simple $NTpunk, Samurai helm, war paint & black medical mask.

Team $NTpunks

Team Lead/Project Owner — 0xMasamune

Backend Blockchain Development — 0xKataku

Frontend/graphics design — 0xNation

The Community — There is no team, project, or inspiration without a powerful and supportive community.









NeoTokyoPunks - 10,000 NeoTokyo X Punks genetically crossed & modified Discord:

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NeoTokyoPunks - 10,000 NeoTokyo X Punks genetically crossed & modified Discord:

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