Music : An Epiphany Of Romance

“ In the climax of his Musical la la land, a 32 years old Damien Chazelle quickly establishes the ethereal culmination of the dreamy romance between his main protagonists in a 10 minutes long musically influenced scene. It’s wonderful how he starts the ineptness of the romance with a simple piano chord score and floats around with wonderful jazz and contemporary fusion music to show the happiness and sadness of his protagonists being in a relationship. La la land never talks about traditional happy endings but talks about endings being happy.

Cut back to my childhood! I remember my father sitting in his study in rain soaked afternoons along with my mother with their gramophone playing the best of old school songs. It is an unmistakable chemistry both has been sharing around 40 years now and with every new song the romance grows.

I am right now in love. I sing for her in my broken voice and she tries to listen. Her whispers in my ears is like a sound of music, completely makes me crave for her as I am some missing note in her tone.

The reason I am saying all these is, be it Mozart or Rehman, music has brewed romance in a big big way. What is romance? Google will tell it’s a feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love. So imagine those lonely walks across empty streets as the Moon silently watches you both! Now imagine the same with a violin music somewhere in the background. It’s pure, it’s contagious and it enhances the mood indefinitely.

Love is like a wind and Music is its rain.
Love is passion and Music is what you play with it.
Love is the mood and Music is its passion.
Love is Soul searching and Music is its self righteous road.


Love is a story and Music is its never ending conflict.

@ Roys Desk

  • City of Stars @ La La Land at the backdrop!
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