In love from Vienna❤

The Chilly Bench:

“ Can you pass me whatever that you are smoking “? She kinda forced, as she sat along. I looked at her, ordinary I thought, as i passed my cigar after a large drag. She took two drags and passed back. “ Thanks, look I ain’t trying to pile on, hope you understand “, she said. “ Absolutely, also its chilly, so I get it”, I immediately replied. Awkward silence for a while. I looked at her again. She has a unmistakable glow in her, I thought. Next moment I thought, what the hell am I doing? I am here in Vienna, all alone, to escape the real world, to write something I wanna write. Can’t fall for the honeytrap.

The Walk :

Decembers in Vienna, are utterly romantic. You get empty roads, lovely street lamps, lots of violin music, vibrant food culture and delicious wines,Red tulips here and there, and genuinely heart warming people and here I am all alone, sitting on a park bench, thinking what to write next.

“ So all alone in Vienna”? She asked. ‘ Yes, you’? I replied. “ Ah, I came with my friends”, she replied. “ Lost somewhere? I see you a bit pale”, I wondered. “ Nah man! I mean I don’t know, may be, I am trying to figure out lot of things lately”, she replied. First time eye contact we made. It was strange. I can see her in pain. Probably she saw my loneliness somewhere hidden in my eyes too. “ I am kinda lost too”, I almost whispered. “ Why. What happened man, you look sorted?” She replied. “ Sorted no, chaotic may be”, I smilingly said.

“ Let’s Walk the Talk”,what say, this bench is getting freezy”, she proposed. “ After you, senorita”, I got up and gestured. “ Aha! Flattery”! I like it señor, let’s go”, She smilingly said.

The conflict in Eternal Romance :

“ Ain’t there a sense of eternal romance in the air of Vienna”? I asked her as we passed a couple kissing each other by some boat. “ What crap is this eternal romance”? She almost shouted. “ Ah, you the practical types ah”, I replied. She looked at me surprisingly and asked “ Why? Are you an epitome of romance?” ‘Hey relax, I am a writer, its my job to make people fall in love!’ I replied. ‘ Aha! Now I get it, you and the empty bench, the creative, lunatic loner types”, she smiled out loud. “ Well somewhere she was right, we writers are forever lonely, that’s why we write about love”! I thought.

“ And what about you? The happy go lucky chick turned sour”, I replied. “, Hey now stop judging me, I am sad because my boyfriend told I am not interesting enough, and we had a fight”! She replied. “ Ah, no, go single, your Boyfriend has no idea about you, if not anything , you are at least interesting and intimidating”, I replied. . But you don’t know me yet, he finds me boring and uneasy”, she stopped and told. “ Look girl, I am a stranger right, I don’t know you absolutely right, so I will give you the right feedback “, I replied. “ Well, that’s a relief, you ain’t that boring too, as well you felt the first time”, she smilingly replied. “ Huh”! I smilingly replied as we started walking again.

“ So what is this eternal romance you write about “? She asked. “ Have you ever got up, and thought it would be a beautiful day”? I asked. “ Rare but sometimes , Yes”! She replied. “ Likewise romance is a feeling of love, sometimes silly, sometimes hardcore emotional, its like seasons, comes and goes, but brings memories to blossom along with it”. We saw a cafe' down the alley and decided to sit for a while there.

The Confession in the Cafe :

“ I was once in real love once you know”, She told after ordering two black coffees! “ Go on! I wouldn’t interupt”, I looked at her as we sat by the corner of the empty shop. “ He was lovely , I could sense his love in my whole body, every time he used to kiss me, but one day it all vanished”! She slowly said. “ Vanished? Just like that? Why”? I asked. “ May be I told him things he didn’t wanted to hear! May be he never loved me, it was all delusional, I don’t know”, she said. “ So how did you two came to an end “? I slowly asked. “ One day I told him something out of the impulse and reacted, the next moment he vanished away, why did he do that”? She asked. “ Hard to tell, but honestly speaking , everyone’s trigger points in relationships are different so its hard to gauge, did he gave you hints before about things he was not Liking”? I asked. “ Well, he was vocal about it, more than once, he has tried to tell me, to gather trust for him, many a times”, I did not listen, may be it was bound to happen this way”, she replied. “ Yes”! Or may be , sometimes no one is at fault, but the relationship doesn’t survive because of factors unknown, better to let go”, I told. “ I did but the choices I made after him, reminded me off him, and they never worked out, strangely he wasn’t my first love even “! She replied. “ Let go Senorita! When the time is gone, love also evaporates away, come let’s dance “, I told and asked for her hand. There was a violin player in the cafe, she was hesitant but finally smiled and we started dancing

End Note:

“ So what about our story”! She asked while we were dancing slowly. “ Umm, the bench, the Walk, the Cafe, this Dance, Vienna, I think I have a recipe for one “, I replied, pulling her close to me. “ what about the ending? Don’t you want us together, like in all love stories”? She smilingly said, our eyes met each other. “ Naah, that would be too clichéd senorita, I am a boring Writer and you are an amazing whirlwind of love, we should bid adieu in a nice way, not get stuck to the vagaries of this material world, like fire and ice we are ,” I replied. “ Fair Enough , what would the goodbye note then”? She asked. “ A harmless kiss never harmed anyone”, I looked at her and said, as we smooched each other. The violin music never felt more perfect.

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