Real life lessons :

That chaotic Alarm :

“Why why why Delilah, 
So before they come to break down the door. 
Forgive me Delilah I just couldn’t take any more”!
This is basically my phone alarm to which I get up every morning! Strange no! Tom Jones voice should be used in more romantic ways I am sure! Jokes apart, I love this part of the song, the way Jones has sung it was amazing, there is a lazy elegance to it, which is hard to describe via writing.

16 degrees outside! Another chilly morning in Mandi Himachal, and I got up at 5.30 am, had very less sleep last night due to several personal reasons,made a strong cup of coffee and came to the balcony of my Hotel room. It’s lovely and melancholic here! You can basically kiss the wind, feel the choir of birds chirping in your heart and the silence is particularly soothing. “ My kinda place”! I told me!

A Sober Morning :

28 odd Years! That’s no where less! I thought! My journey has been eventful, from a small town boy not knowing anything apart from books, to a grown up man who has travelled 8 odd countries and basically worked in North,South, East, West of India, this journey has been enterprising.

Those Lazy Afternoons:

The earliest memories I have as a kid was sitting in the lap of my Grandmom in the backyard of our really big Haveli as she used to tell me stories about life lessons. Those were lazy afternoons beginning of 90s and I was always captivated by concepts of right or wrong, good and evil, Karma and Dharma, being prudent or being an idiot! I remember I always wanted to be someone or something every afternoon. Guess that’s where from this hobby of writing came out.

You can’t talk eh?

In school I remember being a very shy kid and every time there was an assembly, I literally used to fumble to talk. The scenerio was such bad that once my class teacher told my Mom “ is something wrong with him? He is very sharp when he does problem solving, but there is a definite fear when he wants to speak in front of an audience”! My mother made it a point to teach me narration skills and by the time I was in class 12 , I was representing school for state and All india debate competitions.

Too much of a cry baby?

One August at midnight I literally called my elder brother and cried screaming I can’t take any more load of the IIT curriculum. I saw one of my very close friends, a girl, succumbing to emotional breakdown owing to the pressure and demands of semester, and I told my brother, I am packing bags and coming back! He did send me tickets and we two met, not at my house, but in Ranchi, where over few drinks he told me, how badly I studied getting into one and how doing the graduation would really make me a hard, a tough nut to crack. I really thank him now for that evening.

The money monster:

Post MBA came the mean corporate culture, where I learned, it doesn’t matter whether you are screwing life of othera or not, if your Boss asks you to do something, you just do it. I also vividly remember how on one evening, having asked “ This is Wrong Boss, I don’t feel morally correct to do this”, I hear a lecture of Krishna and Arjun from him, how Krishna told Arjun “ Your Dharma is not to decide right or wrong, it is to walk all the way”! Such a fool I was, I did for few years, what I thought was morally correct. But wrong will always be wrong. So I switched my periphery only now.

Those Cinderella tales:

Lastly came the heart breaks! I believe I try to give it all when I loved someone. I believe I have never compromised when I loved someone. But what I also learn was that, whatever is not yours, you shall never get that! When I first broke up with my girlfriend back in 2015, I remember we sat opposites, in a round table and she told me “ I am not sure about you anymore”, to which I looked at her eyes for five minutes, took my blazer, kissed her forehead, and silently walked away. Well you gotto go, when you got to go!


You guys must be thinking why I am telling you all these small small pick up stories from my life? It’s very academic aint it! Each one of these people have played a major role in moulding me to what I am now. If people call me arrogant and obnoxious, I have learnt it at work, if people call me a great story teller, I learnt it from my Grandmom, if people say I am a great Orator, I shall thank my Mom for it, or if people say I am mean, I learnt it from my ex! And trust me, this is same with each one of us! People and experiences shape us, convert out strengths into our weaknesses and vice versa! If you still ask me who am I? I am still that small town boy happily flying kites in evenings and having a dream to make it big. Nothing has changed or will ever change after all these years. ☺😊

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