The convenient love:

Emojis that ruled heart:

She : Why are you sending a love emoji to this girl? Why are you so flirty?
He : Excuse me!! How does one emoji say that I am a flirt or not!
She: Off-course it says thousand words about your loyalty!
Very simple example. The reason I have taken this is because on surface level, this is a mere argument, deep down this is where we are going all wrong.
Love is a wonderful thing. No two words or objections to that. At least for me, it has given immense pleasure of companionship as well as belonging. However the kind of examples I am seeing all around is scary. In today’s generation, where Whatsapps and Skype calls have become a daily routine, people have started quantifying love via gadgets.
Take the above example, the guy might be out of sheer warm feelings be sending those emojis or it might be as simple as that it doesn’t matter to him, but to indicate that he is cheating over his girl because of an emoji really doesn’t make sense.
However this is very important to observe how something as insignificant as an emoji can create doubts between two people!

The length of a long distance relationship :

She : Ten years back, if you would have said that we were in a long distance relationship and are connected via Skype or Whatsapp, people would have laughed at us, no?
He: Well...
Another myth. Imagine back in time when people did not have a single landline also, couples used to communicate over letters. I don’t know about west, but in India, a letter used to travel from North to South in minimum twenty days.
Couples used to wait and wait to get a reply back from their partners. Now anytime you miss your companion, he/she is just one WA message away. So long distance was always there since the beginning of time. People just had more trust and faith in the relationship.

Oh! It’s not so elementary Dear Watson :

She : Oh you keep things hidden from me! You are one mischievous person! You seriously lack transparency!!
Me: Aha..
When two people fall in love. There are certain traits they see in each other, which they end up liking about each other. However that doesn’t means anywhere, an individual has to be open about every feeling to his/her partner.
Everyone is different and everyone has his/her own priority and space and everyone’s past is somewhat ugly. People basically take this for lack of transparency. It’s just a common civic sense that he/she is your partner and not the book you are writing where every adjective must work out according to your mood. Stop being so easy about your partner.

End note :

All the three examples that I have put forth indicates one simple thing. We want more convenience in love but fear to exercise the basic but harder things, like faith and trust. I understand relationships in 2017 has become more glossy, it needs sanctions of Facebook timelines, instagram party photos ,snapchat feeds and Whatsapp statuses, but close your eyes and think for a second “ How did couples from our previous generations survive without even talking with each other for months”?

Goodwill of a relationship will never go out of fashion, whether you wear a torn jeans or a Kurta Pyajama! ❤