The mystery called motivation :

Introduction : Back to books :

I remember back in my MBA days in Bangalore, we were really fascinated by that infamous speech of Steve Jobs “ Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish”!

In very straight words Jobs talks about his love, loss, fear and the urge for all of us to be experimental in life . I also vividly remember we were asked to read Sun Tzus “ Art of War” for a case study, where war strategy was defined as “ when the enemy advances, we retreat”.Niccollo Machiavelli described Management as a normative science and creativity it’s Alma matter. All these great men did emphasize on the need of being self motivated as a corner stone for success.

Clash of the schools :

There are different schools of management which preaches motivation. The classical school taught us about distribution of labor to motivate people to work harder. The Neo-classical school used real time examples like Ford’s and Fayols to describe motivation. Modern day leadership schools describe motivation as a base for a Nation as well as it’s leaders success. What exactly is this motivation though? And how can we motivate ourselves to productive outcomes.

Motivation — the Egg or the Chicken?

Without complicating words more, let’s just say Motivation( or the lack of it) are trigger points ( positive/negative) which leads us to distinctive outcomes( positive / negative). So people with negative motivational cues tend to fail more. This very idea of motivation in behavioral science is one of the major fallacies of modern management.

So how to get motivated? Everyone has trigger points. Ask a beggar what motivates him to beg or ask a terrorist what motivates him to self suicide, answers might end up on similar lines — — They want to do it!

Now can motivation be instilled? There are numerous Harvard case studies which will tell you that in Group dynamics,motivation can be implanted, however, these are beta scenarios, motivation to a large extent is intrinsic.

Motivation succeeds?

However, can motivation lead to success? Off course it is, be it Martin Luther King Jr or a Mozart or Beatles, or Adolf Hitler or a Mother Teresa, each one of them is succesful because they are motivated towards a common goal. Infact ask any successful person in history, they would have definitely told somewhere how much they were motivated to do something they really want to.

The perfect chicken curry principle:

Now how would you be self motivated? It’s really simple to be honest, for motivating yourself, you need to understand yourself and along with understanding what u want, each one of us needs certain basic traits with us which triggers our own intrinsic motivational capabilities. Traits include focus, dedication, determination are always the corner stone of motivation. It’s not like that you are motivated for 20 minutes and than again you forget everything! What’s the point? Secondly goal setting is important. Yea sounds boring I know but there is no easy way to do the hard work. Everyday u need to add certain basic masalas to make your chicken curry delicious right? Goal setting is also like your home cooked mom’s famous chicken curry recipe! Only when you set goals you can be motivated enough to chase them.

Fruits of failure:

Lastly Management theorists across the world are still trying to figure out trigger points for motivation. I will tell you my perspective about it. Considering you have all the traits mentioned above, motivation will only be achieved when u learn to take failures of life as a learning and not as a sob saga. Even a break up can be a right motivational trigger to find your ideal partner without repeating all the mistakes you did in your previous relationships. Positive attitude matters mate. Go rule the world.

Neos Desk!