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There are currently 2.1 million active patents on the USPTO. We believe that the best way for the Neodium network to be adopted on a global scale is by making it as easy as possible for patent owners to switch systems. By migrating all of the previously issued patents, we would create a seamless transition patent holders.
This migration period will include the patent databases of all the countries on the globe.

We will task the Neodium decentralized network with this task, rewarding all who contribute to the migration process with a small amount of Neodium. The easy to use app will be accessible from our website, allowing everyone who is interested to participate. …

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Dear community supporters and believers of Neodium Network,
We would like to thank everyone who participated in the Neodium Network Airdrop!

The airdrop was a success, we allocated 570 million NN to over 16,000 people. From 50 early supporters that joined our Twitter in the first week, now, after 3 weeks, we have 11,000 followers. This is truly a wonderful community.

When will be NN listed on exchanges?

NN token is already listed on and and can be also traded on ForkDelta and Etherdelta.

We applied to other exchanges too and we are waiting for responses.

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Community has decided!
Taking into account the results of the poll regarding the airdrop type, we decided to organize it in two rounds. First round is an instant airdrop where you pay for the gas, but you get the tokens instantly, and a second round in which you will need to do some tasks and fill out a form. This airdrop will be deployed in few weeks.

We decided to cancel the ICO and distribute our tokens for free to the community.
Please let as know your opinion!

Answer the poll about the airdrop

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We are holding a giveaway for the first 50 subscribers.

Complete this form, be in first 50 and you will get 1000 NN (Neodium Network tokens):

Smart contract address: 0xf03bfb08a807716e3340e175B98b388d2DC56DE0
Token name: Neodium Network
Symbol: NN
Decimals: 18

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The Neodium Network is the world’s first global decentralized patent ecosystem. Our technology simplifies the process of submitting patents and allows for the voice of the community to be heard through a consensus system. Patents will be stored on the blockchain, making them immutable and secure. Licensing patents will be done through smart contracts, ensuring that all parties meet the agreed upon terms.

Furthermore, we will create an ecosystem of freelance patent attorneys and engineers to serve as the approval board with a community vote to ensure there is no corruption. NN will be token used to interact with the ecosystem. NN holders will also receive 20% of the Neodium Network’s revenue, to be paid out yearly. …


Neodium Network

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