From Andrea to Neosh, how to solve a problem with a mobile app

Let me introduce you to Andrea, a thirty something working woman who feels good in her clothes. She loves fashion and integrates trends in her personal style.

Andrea is not satisfied at the drop of a hat. She meticulously chooses everything she wears. She wants to stay updated on new arrivals of her usual clothing brands. Every day she checks her favorite apps. Right now she might be having breakfast at her house doing the filtering and finding by herself. So, why not let an app do it for her?

Neosh — fashion straight from stores, is the answer to Andrea´s need. The app provides relevant information based on his preferences. The first time Andrea accesses the app she configures his preferences: favorite brands, shipping area, gender, clothes and shoes size. Customizing this information she can easily find relevant information and improve her shopping experience.

Once the Andrea gets into the app she can find at a glance the arrivals on the shops she had selected (New!), search for articles (Discover), find inspiration from other users outfits (Get inspired), and check her wishlist, alerts and profile (My closet).

Neosh quickly navigates through the noise to find the items Andrea wants. But, what happens if she doesn’t find exactly what she wants? No problem, Neosh provides new criteria to refine the search. And if she still doesn’t found what she is looking for? Well, then she can add an alert for new articles with the search criteria. And, what if Andrea doesn’t want to buy right now? At that time she can add items to her wishlist and buy them later.

Neosh is the result of an iterative process to understand the needs, limitations, behavior and characteristics of the user, involving potential or actual users in the process. Testing the idea with users from the very beginning of the design process ensures the solution meets the needs identified. It also allows third party reflection and suggestions for tweaks to the design.

Neosh strength comes from its capability to provide relevant information in both ways, proactive and reactive. The user configures his preferences from the first minute so all the suggestions and search results become really accurate. Moreover, the capability of notifying on new arrivals avoids repeating the search process again and again. Neosh provides accurate and updated fashion information straight from stores.

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